How the videogame giant became the world's favorite underdog

An interesting article on nintendo's downfall:

Anywhere you look in the world today, you'll see evidence of Sony's continuing downfall. It seems like every time someone from Sony opens his mouth, we want to twist our own heads off in disbelief. Can't that damn company go one day without embarrassing itself?

But if you think Sony's too cocky, arrogant and detached from the consumer base, you apparently weren't around for Nintendo's heyday. It was once just as influential, bossy and jerkish as Sony is today, and then some. Imagine a company with total control of an industry, where its word is law and no one can stand up against its decrees. Then imagine it falling from power so hard that companies practically lined up to walk on its back.

These are the mistakes that led to Nintendo's downfall. Sure, it's a lovely time for the company now, but if history repeats, Sony will fall, leaving someone else, possibly Nintendo, to get fat and lazy all over again. And by our reckoning, even its current console powerhouse is a possible misstep in the making.

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eclipsegryph4261d ago

That's a pretty insightful and concise article right there. God, and to think that I remember damn near all of those mis-steps... right down to even purchasing a Virtual Boy of my very own. Here's to hoping Nintendo has learned their lesson. They seem to be swallowing their pride for the time being, and that humility has been well received. Keep up the good work, Nintendo!

cdmounty4261d ago

It's all well and good for Nintendo to be humble, but let's make sure they don't pander to hard to the casual gamer. They need to satisfy us tech nerds as well if they hope to stay in the drivers seat. Online play, better storage, quality first party offerings, they all need an upgrade at this point, and my 360 gets more play-time every day that nintendo doesn't meet gamers expectations.

eclipsegryph4261d ago

I think that there's a really fine line that Nintendo is trying hard not to cross, in the gaming for everyone mantra. It's difficult as hell, because while we have people like you who would like an increase in online play and media storage and whatnot, there are people like me who could care less about playing against other people online and who don't like to download games. It's not that you're right and I'm wrong or anything of the sort, it's just that they're trying to pander to everyone... and that very well may bring about their downfall.

Acos4261d ago

An entire article based off the media's perception of the industry. Terrible article.

eclipsegryph4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

I think that every point made in that article had little to do with the media, and more about public image. The consumers hated the Virtual Boy, the consumers hated the censorship, the consumers hated the Friend Codes, the consumers hated the N64 cartridges... and so on and so forth.

Listen mate, one of the concepts about enjoying something... anything, even a brand name, is enjoying it for better and for worse. The good and the bad. You can't turn a blind eye to Nintendo's mistakes in their tumultuous past, just like we can't ignore that Sony is making some of those same mistakes right now, or that cheeseburgers, while they taste good, are horrible for your body.

Perhaps you weren't around for when Nintendo fell from glory, but I can assure you that everything stated in that article was factual and true.

ItsDubC4261d ago

I admire Nintendo for its continual innovation in the videogame industry and for pretty much defining that industry years ago, but it looks like Nintendo had to learn the hard way that times change. Nintendo got away w/ monopoly-like business practices back in the day because it didn't really have the competition that it does these days, not to mention the fact that the videogame industry is far larger now than it was back then.

I assume that today, Nintendo now incentivizes 3rd-party developers to create Wii games because it doesn't have a lock on the industry like it used to. There was an article yesterday I believe that outlined the fact that many 3rd-party development studios who underestimated the demand for the Wii are now shifting resources away from PS3 and 360 development. I hope Nintendo appreciates this and does whatever it can to ease the development-sales pathways that are involved in releasing videogames.

Odiah4261d ago

Instead of asking us what we want or need, they try and tell us what we want and need.

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