Gamespot- Alex Ovechkin scores NHL 2K10 cover

Gamespot- While scoring sensation Alexander Ovechkin has spent his entire NHL career with the Washington Capitals, hockey's human highlight reel has switched teams in a different way. 2K Sports today confirmed that it has secured Ovechkin--cover athlete of Electronic Arts' NHL 07--to front its own pucks sim, the upcoming NHL 2K10.

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lord_of_balrogs5217d ago

Good for him, he's way better than Crosby. However, I like the EA NHL series better.


NHL 2K11 Review (Nintendo Wii)- Gameplaybook

NHL 2K11 has arrived exclusively for the Wii, and despite some interesting party features and multiplayer support, it takes a step backwards from last year's impressive outing.

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Buff10444778d ago

I have no interest in this game, but good job reviewing it.

tunaks14778d ago

i got the game and it is better then 10 in every way.


GPB: NHL 2K: Don't Hang Up the Skates Just Yet

GPB writes: "When the NHL 2K franchise began on the Sega Dreamcast, it was a hit with hockey fans, although it still ran a distant second to the more popular NFL 2K and NBA 2K series. Nevertheless, Sega stuck with it, producing new releases year after year for its console before eventually moving on to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. When 2K Games took over shortly thereafter, it helped mold NHL 2K into a champion, easily overtaking the lacking hockey games EA Sports was producing at the time."

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Double Fusion Snags Rights to In-Game ads for PS3 titles

Double Fusion, the leading in-game advertiser, today announced that 2K Sports has granted Double Fusion the exclusive dynamic in-game advertising rights for two of its franchises for the PS3.

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gauntletpython4996d ago

It's always crazy to hear how in-game ads are becoming more complex. With DVR and streaming TV online becoming more and more popular, you gotta think advertisers will be looking more towards incorporating ads into other media, like video games.

gaffyh4996d ago

As long as the advertising isn't blatant, i.e. in the load screens, then I'm not bothered, but FNR4 had adverts in the load screens which were just annoying.

ThatCanadianGuy4996d ago

- They obviously chose Sony Exclusives due to their superior quality compared to, let's say, 360 exclusives. -

BlaqGold8044996d ago

I only have a ps3 but how did u come up with that? its 2ksports not s.e. 2k has bad ports on there sports games. thats a fact

ian724996d ago

I don't mind too much as long as the ads don't get in the way of the gameplay. If its used in game like in real life, on billboards in open world games or around the perimeter like football/soccer then its ok. But if it is blatantly put in my face then its wrong and shouldn't be allowed.

BlaqGold8044996d ago

The money is used to help 2k with there dooooooodooooooooooo severs and there bad ps3 ports.

4996d ago