Destructoid- Rumor: Sony to unveil PSPgo apps, small games at gamescom

Destructoid- While the lack of physical media for Sony's PSPgo may be signaling the death-knell for the Universal Media Disc, it may be opening up new doors for developers.

Sources close to game development have told Destructoid that Sony is actively pushing developers to design smaller, "non-retail" games and applications for the PSP. These "non-retail" games and apps would come in priced considerably lower than the traditional retail UMDs and full games made available for download on the PlayStation Network.

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qface645218d ago

i wouldn't be surprised i mean im sure the dsi has one as well

dragunrising5218d ago

If this proves to be true, I have another reason to get a PSP Go. The handheld is priced a little high but overall oozes with quality and charm. Little Big Planet, MG:Rising, and Grand Turismo PSP should be awesome :-)

Ju5218d ago

Well, it is Sony's answer to Apples free iphone/itouch SDK. Must be. They are also pushing their now renamed "Media Go" app (former Mediamanger) which is basically their version of iTunes - now with full PSN integration. Pretty obvious where this is heading.

RememberThe3575218d ago

I was surprised. If I used my PSP for more multi media applications I would be all over Media Go. In fact, I might me more inclined to use my PSP for movies and music more because of Media Go.

sniper-squeak5218d ago

...I suggested it before... along with an accelerometer, but the PSP GO doesn't have one of those :(

It would really make games much more fun to play though.

SpoonyRedMage5218d ago

I thought Sony didn't follow trends?

It'd be pretty cool I suppose. The DSiware has some apps but they're mostly meh but there's some definately cool stuff coming like Flipnote Studio(Moving Memo!) and the 6-in-1 translator.

Etseix5218d ago


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I Need A Moment To Mourn The Sudden Death Of Saints Row

Pour one out for the homies.

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GoodGuy0920d ago

2 and the third were the only ones I really enjoyed. All the really wierd stuff in the other games I just didn't like. I want gang wars.
I'm sure there'll still be saints row games....maybe.

ocelot0720d ago


Don't get me wrong I eventually got around to enjoying Saints Row 3 and somewhat enjoying Saints row 4. But saints row pretty much died after 2. How can you go from a wacky not so series GTA type game. To a wacky game with aliens and super powers?

Saints row 1 was fun. Saints row 2 was again really enjoyable.

Then the super powers came and ruined it imo.

Sort of like resident evil. First few games where amazing and then 4 came around with crazy people rather than zombies.

hombreacabado20d ago

what ruined resi for me was that it turned from general real horror to an action game with horror set pieces.

ocelot0720d ago

Exactly the over the shoulder camera with crazy dudes with axes really ruined the series for me. Enjoyed 5 but didn't treat it as a resi game. Enjoyed 7 and Village.

neutralgamer199220d ago


It’s been dead since SR3. The best game in the series was SR2

Profchaos20d ago

The franchise was dead the minute they included gat in agents of mayhem and dropped the trailer for the reboot just re enforced it

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YouTuber discovers unreleased The Fast and the Furious game on original Xbox

GF365: "Can you imagine finding an unreleased Xbox game on an old hard drive? Well, that’s what happened to Modern Vintage Gamer, a YouTuber dedicated to exploring the world of retro consoles and their secrets."

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porkChop22d ago

Damn. I was hoping it was the original open world F&F game that was cancelled. That game actually sounded cool. This is just an Xbox version of the Tokyo Drift game. Still cool to see though.

BlackCountryBob21d ago

I remember getting a demo of Lamborghini from OXM just before it got cancelled because the studio collapsed, it was so good and when I heard they converted that game into Juiced I bought it day one; the demo was better!

Valkyrye21d ago

MVG is a game developer now.


Persona 3 Director Says The Game Saved Atlus From Collapsing

The studio was on the verge of collapse when Persona 3 came out, and things were looking quite grim for Atlus. Regardless, many decisions made in the game paid off and became a staggering success.