Joystiq- Neversoft would like to add turntable support to Guitar Hero

Joystiq- During E3, we got to check out the folks from FreeStyleGames playing DJ Hero -- Activision's upcoming rhythm/music game -- using blasphemous guitar controllers in-tandem with the ubiquitous plastic turntable (seen above). While Activision is still keeping mum on whether or not the ability to use guitars in all tracks of the game (none the less vocals) will be shipping with DJ Hero, apparently the folks working on the game think including their turntable in Guitar Hero titles "Sounds like a great idea!"

mrv3215217d ago

I'm sorry Activison what's wrong.... I here you moaning.

To be honest it'd be a dreadful thing to see turntables in Guitar hero, we'd have to BUY ANOTHER piece activison plastic in order to do anything. The next Guitar Hero World Tour will cost close to $200 and feature the usually the differenc ebeing it will come with the turntable AND most likely any other cheap insterment they can easily add.

So what's the problem? Ask well....

Firstly, Actvision is disapointed in the no price drops at E3, that's right with them charging $140 for some cheap plastic while Microsoft are selling there 350 for $200 make you wonder.... How bad are activison... well I'm not saying anything just Gentle reminder.

Recently during E3 at a time when news outlets are busy trying to cope with Activisons cheap cash cow ins they revealed with little coverage that infact they'll sue Brutal Legend and Double fine. That's right they will sue prehaps the best developer ever made.

Just listen to this review.


So yeah, they are suing double fine.... for reason which are stupid.

'Brütal Legend was originally to have been published by Vivendi Games, but following its merger Activision Blizzard passed on the game, along with other titles such as Ghostbusters: The Video Game, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. '

Let me get this straight, Vivendi gave double fine to make a game, activison bought Vivendi and because none of the titles are sequalability they decided to disgard them allowing people like EA to pick them up. And AFTER positive stuff from reviewers and gamers Activison feel like they made a mistake and are suing them.... Nice, so well done Activison if you win this battle you will be no better than the dreadful companies who release games year after year and ship titles out to other people only so they can milk the cash cow, just like Infinity Ward and the call of duty series.


So actvision you in my book are now below Ubisoft at being the worst, well done you really must be bad for Ubisoft not to do anything to improve but you still won.

I now won't bye prototype... I wanted to do, but after Activison FIRED abunch of good people I don't want to see these people become ever more dominant.

Also Activison are making the game it's called DJ hero, I know it's a cash cow but that's not my problem. Another company are making a similar game, activison tried to buy them they said now so they bought the publisher all this to stop competition.

By clicking disagree you are basically saying indie developers and new IP should die out and that big companies should release games yearly with little improvement. If that's your opinion fine but click open zone then just never for the love of god moan when COD 10 is release under the name Modern Warfare 4: Combat evolved 2, dexule edition with improved peripheral!

Salvadore5217d ago (Edited 5217d ago )

Guitar *check*.
Bass *check*.
Drums *check*.
Vocals *check*.
Turntable *check*.
Skateboard *check*, oh wait?

We are doomed o.O!!!

mrv3215217d ago

I called it first... triangl hero rocks the 17 hundreds...


Six Activision Games I’d Like to See Revived Under Microsoft

As the world reels from the shockwaves of the seismic news that Microsoft is acquiring the proverbial swamp of the video-game landscape, Activision Blizzard King, it only seems natural that our minds should now shift towards what the fallout will be for presumably years if not decades to come.

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MadLad611d ago

Another Prototype would be awesome.

As for Singularity, I don't necessarily need a sequel, I just want to see Raven be able to flex their creative muscle again; not just be relegated to assisting with CoD. A lot of the old guard is still with the company.

That's part of what I'm hoping to see come from this acquisition. Revive teams like Vicarious Visions and Ravem to actually allow them to work on their own new projects again.

Crows90611d ago

As great as that would be the deal wont finalize until end of fiscal year 2023. Until after that date MS wont really have a say as to where resources will be spent. So we wont realistically see anything until perhaps 2026 or later.

LWOGaming610d ago

I think that’s a point that so many people are missing. Things will not change this year or next year at all. Maybe some changes might be apparent in 2024 but 2025/2026 is a good estimate of when things will really start happening. And I don’t think we will see as big a set of changes as some are suggesting.

TallDarknWavy611d ago

Those teams having not worked on anything, the employees find jobs at other companies, they don't just remain unemployed till someone at the publisher decides to revive the team, they need to eat lol

That said, this list of games makes me unexcited for anything outside of CoD that Activision has to offer. All games are in stale genres, like Guitar Hero, Simpsons Hit and Run, these are long surpassed genres that are going to be difficult to revive.

gamer7804611d ago

I want to see new IPs. Not a bunch of forced renovations of old franchises.

Gamer75611d ago

Why not a combination of both

gamer7804611d ago

@gamer75 if it is a combination it has to have my seal of approval. Such as a new Warcraft game or a new Warcraft mmo, or an action game based off the night elves orcs and humans if it’s a new IP. I’ll let you know after I talk with Microsoft

King_Noctis611d ago

Man I’ve been waiting for Protoype since the last one. Protoype could seriously be MS’ answer to Infamous (freaking loved that game as well, hope Sony make a new one soon).

porkChop611d ago

I'd love to see Raven take another crack at Heretic and Hexen.

MadLad610d ago

That's one I see being tossed around a lot to bring back, even if not from Raven themselves.

Put so many hours into those games over the years.

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Knightofelemia611d ago

I'd like to see Activision get the Transformers license again and continue the War and Fall of Cybertron games. the movie games were crap and the game that combined both movie and Fall and War of Cybertron sucked a new Prototype would also be good as well.

jaymacx610d ago

You deserve a 1000 likes haha 😂. It’s a shame High Moon didn’t get to continue making Transformers. If they got a decent budget i think most of us TF fans would be excited.

wolf581610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

Ms bought Activision and everybody dancing for what? For cod? Ms want to atleast earn some money Back from those 70 billion dollars.... The only thing they count on is more gamepass subscribers via Activision cod, diablo and over watch 2 1st Day free at gamepass. If they decide to make them exclusive to xbox they Will lose profit from ps4 and 5 sales. As For a New ip or an existing ip like over watch 3,diablo 5 or anything else like a New transformers Dont you think that developers need at least 3 years to Do something decent?
Anyway my opinion is that ms want to make videogaming Just a subscription a la netflix and that ps5 will beat xboxsx in sales like ps4 beat xbox and xbox one x..... All the money ms spending It Will defentily make more gamepass subscribers as for games we all must wait at least 3 more years... And thats why ps5 will get ahead in sales they have more AAA in the pipeline already plus lets see their answer for gamepass... P. S i Dont support subscriptions from neither company and i didnt buy switch plus for n64. If they give me the option to buy n64 games then yes i Will buy them but i am not paying for a rental.

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rlow1611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

Re-imagining of River Raid and the original adventurer Pitfall. Oh Zork is also a great game.