US retailers drop 20GB PS3

While the 60GB PlayStation 3 continues to be widely available in North America, some retailers have stopped selling the 20GB model - including Sony's official online outlet, SonyStyle.

SonyStyle now offers only the 60GB version, which SCEI spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka said has always been the more popular of the two machines. Speaking to IDG News he stated, "The line-up [at SonyStyle] is decided based on market demand and so it's not surprising that they are not selling it on their website. But if you go to a retailer you can find it."

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omansteveo4262d ago

How they say Retailers dropped it when Sony really discontinued it. Bc im sure the core is less popular than the premium bit its still in stores

fjtorres4262d ago

...for retailers to drop it before Sony does.
Namely the extended warranties. An earlier post around here made the point that Gamestop and co are warehousing their stock of 20GB models to make good on the warranties they sold on 20GB PS3s. Cause otherwise, they'd have to make good with 60GB models.

The only reason for retailers to do this is if they *expect* Sony to cut off the supply of 20GB PS3s. Sony has not made any such announcement, officially, but the retailers might have early word that it is happening.
Which is why folks notice it when the 20's vanish...

Sony is likely moving to a single sku strategy.

shikwan4261d ago

that's effed up! I'm pretty sure that the 360 Core is not as popular either-yet one can still be had at retailers. MS isn't saying crap like "We're basing it on demand."

Any SMART consumer would tell ya to buy the 20G version--you don't need memory card readers with usb ports--the hdd is USER upgradeable--and wifi isn't the best for online gaming or data transfer.

If they were "basing stuff on demand" then hell; LOWER THE PRICE!!!

ben hates you4261d ago

sony is no longer selling the 20gig is because they want to be able to say that the ps3 is total wireless at least thats what i think

rbanke4261d ago

I like the case of the 20gb better than the 60gb...

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The story is too old to be commented.