Toshiba Predicting Third Xbox 360 SKU with Internal HD-DVD Drive

One of Toshiba's senior executives is predicting that Microsoft will ship a third version of the Xbox 360 by the end of 2006, with the new sku featuring an internal HD-DVD drive.

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Islandkiwi6502d ago

This would just add to the confusion. It won't be used for games, why add an internal version? Better to lower the cost of the console.

Fraggerock6502d ago

The core version price could drop. The premium version could take the cores current price, and this new version could be sold for $399. You of course might not even want the HD-DVD so you don't have to buy it. If you already own a premium, you buy the external HD-DVD for $99. All of this would make Sony's PS3 $599 sell even more difficult, and I think it's a great strategy against blu-ray.

FamoAmo6502d ago

Toshiba wants this to happen.. If this happens the Fing hd dvd add on better be cheap for people like me that bought 1 at launch!!

Moostache6502d ago

There was a different story about this yesterday....

XB360 is about choice.
MS executives have been fairly consistent in that mantra since last year's release.
Adding an internal HD-DVD would only benefit Toshiba, but the add-on is already going to be available.

TheMART6502d ago

Well, you would still have choice if they just add one option so you'll get:

Core - 199 Euro
Premium with DVD - 299 Euro
Premium with HD-DVD - 399 Euro/dollar (or maybe leave the current prices and get a Premium with a HD-DVD drive for the same price as the Core PSZero 499 Euro!)

It helps Toshiba and MS with the HD-DVD format, it takes away loose running people that only buy a PSZero for the next gen drive.

I think it would be a great strategy!!!

Droidbro6502d ago

It would be more like:
$499-549 Premium w/ HD-DVD

Theres no way you could buy a premium and hddvd player for $400. the stand alone hddvd player now is $500 by its self. The above prices would still be very good, considering whats in the box

TheMART6502d ago


What you are saying is also in my post with the price 499 for a HD-DVD version.

But still. Why couldn't they do it for 399? Even if it's 100 dollars less then a stand alone player?

They do it with the PSZero including BetaBluRay also. A stand alone BetaBluRay player can easily cost up to 1.000 to 1.200 dollars/euro's
And a PSZero costs 600 dollars.

So I don't see why they couldn't do it with less loss even on a 360. Keep in mind: Toshiba will have a great advantage also if they can get MS to get an extra version. They have something to compete with videofans that only buy a PSZero for cheap BetaBluRay support.

They will even want to pay MS to have the thing included I bet. The add-on drive also only cost 199 Euro's/dollars max for HD-DVD for an external, then an internal will be a lot less then that. Especially costingprice compared to commercial prices like this. By the end of the year, they could have cut some costs at MS also by getting the CPU smaller, cheaper and yields will be up of all hardware, so it's all possible.

TheMART6502d ago

Who freaking cares?

I mean let them do it. They catch away all the people that otherwise would bought that BetaBluRay PSZero for only next gen drive with massive HD storage.

The real gamers go for the possible cheaper option with the old DVD drive in it.

I'll say they just go on and implement that. Getting something at launch means you pay premium price. That's no problem for me. You get to play it first and have fun with it. At the end of this year when they WOULD implement the HD-DVD, I already had a full year of fun.

I hear all those Fony Fanboys already like Lametime/ssj and Achira: see you need the HD-DVD also. No we don't. But if MS thinks it helps to catch away customers @ Fony's BetaBluRayplayer and win the consolewar with even larger figures it's fine with me.

I would'nt want one. Heck, I even won't buy a seperate HD-DVD player. I think movies and games will be streamed and downloaded in a couple of years and my HDD will be 1 TB

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