Halo 3 Multiplayer Vidoc

Gamers who can't wait for the multiplayer beta this May can get an even earlier look at "Halo 3" with a new, behind-the-scenes video feature available at and in high definition over Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Starting today, viewers can go behind the scenes at Bungie Studios to learn about the people, technology and process that are making "Halo 3" an unforgettable multiplayer experience, and to get a taste of what to expect from the upcoming "Halo 3" multiplayer beta. The latest multiplayer video documentary, titled "Is Quisnam Protero Damno!," will offer a glimpse at how "Halo 3" multiplayer maps are being designed, built and architected, and how these amazing spaces are converted into fun places in which to play. Gamers can also catch the first-ever glimpse of brand-new "Halo 3" multiplayer levels in their early stages of evolution and construction.

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FirstknighT4267d ago

Looks completely intense and insane! Looks like that cool shield gernade from that commercial is actually in the game. The graphics are starting to look alot better from earlier videos. This game will own all of 2007. Dont even bother trying to beat it.

Ps30074266d ago

Seriously I am at a loss of words. I have heard so much about this game, and from what I just watched its horrible. Not bad but horrible.

The graphics are horrible, from textures, to lighting, to the colors they have chosen.

This game in no way beats Gears of War in any way.

Hell even Resistance Fall of man looks A LOT better than this and has more players and effects going on at one time... I mean A LOT better and A LOT more stuff on screen.

The only thing I concluded is the game is not finished. Even with that being said I am utterly shocked this is Halo 3...

Its litterally going to get stomped by other games.

Have people who played this game every played unreal tournament? This Halo 3 looks worse then Unreal Tournament 2004 and seems to have WAY less going on.

Talk about the 360 reaching its peak in performance, I thought this game would have pushed the bar above Gears but its VERY CLEAR Gears is the best the 360 can do (which isnt bad but i thought it had more)

lol I cant believe this game... Officially over-hyped.

ben hates you4266d ago

game looks better then quiet a few of the ps3 games out now give it time, its not bad or horrible its in development and it still looks great to me and gears is not its limit i FUC}ING HATE WHEN people say oh thats its peak IT IS NOT wait just wait for some new games to come out, do you want to talk about over hyped i have one compound word for you KILLZONE

Lyberator4266d ago

people really dont notice things do they. THESE ARE ALL ALPHA GRAPHICS AND ARNT CLOSE TO THE FINAL PRODUCT!

Vfor54266d ago

Even if, for some odd reason, the graphics don't improve...this game will still rape unreal. i don't need good graphics to have fun, and what they are showing looks like a blast right now.

Keyser4266d ago

I really hope somebody tries to beat it because it looks like a great game!! Just watching the little bits of film you already start thinking about how you're going to use the mines and where to snipe!! Bringing back the battle rifle was a good idea but bringing back the pistol would have got him some oral from many guys sisters! I hope that somehow it's implemented.

I can't stand how this gets into a "Halo look like crap" and "PS3 doesn't have a game out there that can stand up to this match" I don't curse at kids and I hate having to do it to adults so try to keep comments that aren't constructive to yourselves.

Graphics aren't done and they need some work. Bungie will get that in. This is not Gears so wipe that out of your minds. I hope that they've set the campaign up more like RFOM and less like Gears. Gears is too narrow and I felt that way sometimes in Halo 2 but not at the end of Halo 1 or the beginning for that matter.

I hope they fixed the REAL problems with Halo 1 and 2. Lag and cheating and how they handle cheating. Cheating was so bad in Halo 2 that you didn't even feel like playing sometimes. It was shameful!!! Battle Rifles shooting across the board like sniper rifles is also a terrible problem with Halo 2. I hope that those things are fixed in this last edition.

andthensum4266d ago

Is this a Alpha build or Halo 1. Seriously. If you don't think so, watch the video again and put your fanboyism aside. This is crap. It's funny how people are trying to defend this alpha build and then tried to hate when the Killzone demo was shown. If you believe this game is going to look good, you have to believe that killzone is going to look much better. Killzone showed a lot more features in the demo than this alpha build. Killzone had next-gen effects, Halo Alpha Build has Halo 2 effects and Halo 1 multiplayer. Period.

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Imknow14267d ago

It's a good thing that I'll be taking a month off from work when this marvel comes out :D

killasssj4084267d ago

i bet the singel player will look alot better but coming along great cant wait to play beta :)

JPomper4267d ago

Looks like Halo *yawn*

2tired2day2hate4267d ago

it does look similar to the biggest, best selling, most hyped game there is right now

gta_cb4267d ago

ummm well lets see... yeh the name is "Halo 3"! duh! lol seriously with the Halo 1,2 games being such a success i dont think there going to change the whole theme of it, especially with it being the 3rd and last (as of yet anyway) in the series, is it! ... just a dumb comment really :( isnt it (your comment)

FeralPhoenix4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

yeah and I guess thats why its called Halo3, its not due till late 2007 so I'm sure it will look amazing, but even beyond the graphics Halo has always been known for its great story, great gameplay, and of course its great multiplayer action....hmmm, like the original Halo, sounds good to me, that game was great in so many ways.

[Edit]^^^^^my bad gta_cb you already beat me to it.

gta_cb4267d ago

no worries FeralPhoenix just proves my point that his comment was stupid and he prob only owns a PS3 (thus being anti XBox 360)

Just finished watching the video and i can see this game will be GREAT! i hope in the beta they will include all the weapons such as the buble shield thingy lol, cant wait to play it! oh and i deff think this will be "well worth the wait" as you cant rush greatness! ;)

sak5004267d ago

After GOW the maps are looking bland. Where are the freaking buildings. I know its sequel of a sequel but they shud innovate and come up with something better. Hope the final game is much better. UT is looking more next gen atm.

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2tired2day2hate4267d ago

good god the levels are huge. i keep watching the video to see how many players they have on a map at the same time but i cant tell if its teans of 4 or 6 or whatever. i wish they went into further detail about the "instant replay" videos you get.