Virgin Radio - first radio station available on PS3 & Wii

UK based Virgin Radio have made their suite of stations available via the PlayStation 3 and Wii Internet browsers.
Virgin's radio stations has a customised online player, and is the only national UK radio station which offers an mp3 streaming connection, making it compatible with the PS3 and Wii. They will also offer console compatible videos, concert tickets, recordings, and tracks for download.

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MaximusPrime4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

thats great news. Not only for london, Whole of UK will listen to this. Whole world too. Wow.

Virgin radio is one of the most-listened to radios in UK.

Marty83704267d ago

I love to listen to Suggs. Now I can on the PS3. Awesome.

Lebauski4267d ago

the sample-stream from works too! And you can download directly to your HD... ahem... not that I'm using this illegal site!!

Bigmac5734267d ago

I'll definitely tune in sometime today while I'm studying.

PSN Starfleets4267d ago

Playing your PS3 - Studying - listening to the Radio, all at once?

sajj3164267d ago

he could play the PS3, study, listen to the radio, and FOLD :)

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