Epic Not Sold on Games for Windows Live

Epic's Mark Rein and Tim Sweeney aren't exactly sold on Microsoft's Games for Windows Live cross-platform service because of its restrictions on gamers and developers, the pair said in a recent podcast.

During consumer site's most recent 1UPYours podcast, Epic VP Rein and founder Sweeney said that the recently announced Games for Windows Live has potential, but there are hindrances that make it unappealing to Epic and to PC gamers.

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FordGTGuy4270d ago

wasn't even on that podcast. Also everything the guy from Epic said was BS because he didn't even know the features list for Windows Live. BTW stop writing Articles for podcasts over 4 days old.

gta_cb4270d ago

hmmm... does this mean no games like Gears of War1,2? if so im not going to really bother about it, i will stick with my 360, and hopefully soon to be PS3, but doubt it as there so much money :(

Rooted_Dust4270d ago

No online monopoly for you.

Rooted_Dust4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Double post

BIadestarX4270d ago

Ofcourse developers don't like restrictions. Which is why PC games have no unified sense. Things proven to work are usually not past to other games. Everyone does wherever they want... it's a jungle. Which is why there is no unify system. Ofcourse there are systems like gamespy and others but hardly integrated. XBox 360 is also restricted but it didn't turn out that bad, there is a certification process that guarantee achivements, voice chat, game invites, etc. Ofcourse developers don't want to do the extra work. These "restrictions" can only benefit the gamer.

Rooted_Dust4270d ago

And all Microsoft wants in return is your money and a piece of the PC's soul. Sorry, but PC developers aren't going to strangle their options or their innovation with restrictions on what MS deems necessary or un-necessary.

BIadestarX4270d ago

Innovation? What are you talking about. How long we had PC games and we still don't have unify login. Also, you may have a cool feature in one game and miss it on another. I am not talking about microsoft telling developers how to make their games/stories/etc.
But how about being able to play cross-platform? how about game invites? how about voice to be standard on every game?
You speak of innovation, but it's only until now that we are talking about things as simple as being able to play the same game cross-platform, or been able to use purchase a game that works perfectly with a gamepad because it was certified to do so.
If you don't want microsoft to be the one doing this you should try having Sony to do it then. I don't care who does it, but PC gaming need to certification process too. besides this is optional, but personally I will most rather to have a game that I know have some basic feature built in.

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