Halo 3 multiplayer beta dates revealed

Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie Studios have today confirmed that the Halo 3 multiplayer will kick-off on Xbox Live on May 16 at 5 a.m. PDT and run through June 6 at 11:59 p.m. PDT...

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FeralPhoenix4263d ago

OK, so Forza 2 demo will be out this month then the game releases on May 15th, followed by the Halo3 beta the next day May 16th.....damm, I'm going to have to prioritize my time, I'm greedy, what's next? -lol, so many problems so little time.

T-Virus4263d ago

Halo 3 BETA THE DAY before Forza 2? Jeez.

There is also a ViDoc on Marketplace now as well.

gta_cb4263d ago

yeh i know what you mean! i cant wait to play this beta, hopefully it wont be a slow download due to everyone trying to get it! lol, if your gonna be playing it when it comes out (the beta) then look me up as i will prob be on it (gamertag "gta cb") and as for forza 2, i will prob buy it if i like it, even though i hant played nuber 1, im already wanting number 2 from the screen shots and from what i have heard you can do, like sell custom made cars etc online :D CANT WAIT!

SuperSaiyan44263d ago

You call this late Spring? More like early Summer...
Also you call this 'very soon'??

So not only do all the top titles on the 360 get pushed really far back now just a simple Beta is out very late as well oh wow and only for just a month?

You know somehow I feel stupid having bought Crackdown - sure its a fun sorta game but the Beta was the killer deal and I think a lot of people who bought it probably thought and felt the same way...If Bungie only need a month of testing then well wow why even bother?

gta_cb4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

well at least you havnt been waiting as long as everybody wanting a PS3 in Europe huh? you shouldnt be angry, as especially when you cant rush perfection!

cant wait for this game/beta! :D

P.S. "well at least you havnt been waiting as long as everybody wanting a PS3 in Europe huh" not trying to start a flame war, i like PS3 and i want to buy one, just hant got the money. just saying that i was + alot of other people was unimpressed with the year late launch for us... if they had launched in 2006 spring, i would prob have a PS3 sitting next to my tv instead of my 360 lol. (but now i have a 360 i love playing it :D lol)

Evil Rant Monkey4263d ago

I think you're in the wrong forum dude. This one is commenting on the Halo 3 beta release date. Probably the same thinking that's leading you to wanting a PS3.

nanometric4263d ago

I realy don't see what you find in this game, maybe I haven't played it enough, but Halo is nothing special, atleast after the first part. But I admit the first Halo was good for it's time.

WastingOne4263d ago

Just downloaded the Multiplayer Vidoc and watched it like five times already. I can't wait to use the "Bubble Shield Grenade" and the "Trip Grenade". Oh!, and then go use the Porta potty they have. I'm still getting Forza 2, but I'm going to be playing the beta until June.

gta_cb4263d ago

you im probadly going to do the same :D ... i just hope we dont get all the little kids (mostly from america from what i have found out) joining the game and spoiling it. when the beta comes out, i want to experience the full of the game! and no b!tching! oh and forza 2 cant wait, infact i mite go practise manual on PGR3 for a while :D

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The story is too old to be commented.