You Grew Up Playing Shoot'em-Up Games. Why Can't Your Kids?

The New York Times's Clive Thompson writes:

"I was playing a round of Gears of War, trying to redo a level on "insane" mode, and the walls were painted with guts. I slaughtered my way to the boss, revved up my chainsaw, and sliced into his chest -- releasing a fractal fountain of gore. Woo!

At that instant, I heard the front door to my apartment open, and in walked my nanny ... with my 15-month-old son, his eyes agog. Daddy, I could see him thinking, what are you doing?

Oh, nothing, son. Just kicking back with a mass-murder simulator. That's all!

Gamers like me have spent years railing against ill-informed parents and politicians who've blamed games for making kids violent, unimaginative, fat or worse. But now we're in a weird position: We're the first generation that is young enough to have grown up playing games, but old enough to have kids."

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gta_cb4263d ago

i would let my kids (if i had any) play shoot em ups ... as long as its not THAT violent like Gears of War or Resistance fall of man (i think its pretty violent) ... plus i personally dont think little kids will be able to handle the game play anyway so...

... or play the games while there in bed :D

T-Virus4263d ago

Back in the day we had green and red blob like things shooting a yeollow sqaure at a green blob.

Now, we have amazingly deailed Locust's pulling chainsaw down through a humans shoulder, all the way through his stomache and out his crotch. and blood and guts flying everywhere. And a headshot on Gears? You see half a skull and blood on the floor. That certainly didn't happen back in the day!

Odiah4263d ago

I grew up on shooters, moving from Doom to UT to Timesplitters to Battle Field etc etc

Karebear4263d ago

However I would think that if a child is old enough to watch and understand CNN, then he/she is old enough to handle video game violence. Children are much more resilient than we give them credit for being. The key here is proper context. They have to have a firm understanding in reality and consequences before playing realistic violent video games. What am I saying, I doubt that most adults have that heh.

Keyser4263d ago

In time kids are going to see all the violence they can stand from movies and life itself. I will not introduce my children to some of the more hardcore games like Gears or anything like that because though kids are more resilient how do you know when they've reached there threshold for violent images? Is it when they run out the room screaming. Is it when they hide behind you? Is it when they wake up in the middle of the night screaming? Is it when they're standing over you in the middle of the night with a steak knife? (Gasp!!!)

The point is, you don't know. As kids grow up in our world they will gain a greater understanding quickly but there is no need to rush them into it. I'll know when they're ready because they'll ask me to buy them that Slash'em Kill'em 40 times in a row game and I'm going to say, "No!!!!" until I feel they are ready. I'll try to keep them as kids as long as I can because that time in our life is the most innocent and the shortest. They might as well enjoy it.

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