Forza Motorsport 3 @ 60FPS in HD

This is the first video gameplay of Forza Motorsport 3 featuring its native 60fps. A great technical achievement considering how imipressive the game looks.

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XxSpiiKeZxX5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

the cars look simiar to that of need for speed undercover
although the gameplay lookz smooth but visuals arent top notch
but it was captured from a tv so lets see wen they get some real footage

edit: @ disagree
really?? check this out
www.gametrailers.com/video/gd c-2008-gran-turismo/31122
(thanks XI below)
and this is footage of GT5: prologue shot from a cam and as u can see a 2007 demo can pretty much top Forza 3
im jus puttin it out since the devs talked so big as too insult gt devs
if forza comes out lookin liek that then GT will have no sweat

Blademask5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

and 8 cars.

60fps and 720p

No day night cycles confirmed by gaf. w/new 24 hour race article.

No tire popping.

No animated pit stops.

Looks great though, besides that. They are removing features though.

Because he toggled through the views. -- No cozkpit view.

JOLLY15227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

No cocpit view online? Where did you get that bit of (mis)information?

*edit* ps...spike that video sucks, I wouldn't brag about it. It isn't very good. There are bettter ones.

jromao5227d ago

Game is far from GT5 Prologue quality, and we didn't even get the true GT5 out, also, this trailer shows some glitches and physics aren't showing nothing real, so, just a fantasy game. At least xbox users will have something to play with.

I will be on GT5 waiting for them. Enjoy.

really duh5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

Show us what GT5 looks like then. This is what the demo looks like no one knows what the full game's gameplay looks like.



XxSpiiKeZxX5227d ago

have to becuase all we have to do is show you some gran turismo 5 prologue gameplay and if ur still not convinced then wash ur eyes and watch again
then once u get it ull be sayin, "oh DUH"

Montrealien5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

Stupid useless GT5 comparisons aside,it looks bad ass. The person demoing it however is full of fail, game looked great, watching the driving was painful though.

GT5 may be gods gift to console racing, and I can' t wait to have it in my PS3 to play it, heck, just seeing a gameplay video of it would be great. However Forza 3 is looking to be a great racer that I will be playing in less the 5 months. I will be getting both in the end, lucky me?

jromao said..

" will be on GT5 waiting for them. Enjoy"

You mean, you will be waiting for GT5, while we enjoy this solid racer waiting for GT5? umm, enjoy? lol

IdleLeeSiuLung5227d ago

So is FZ3 confirmed to be 720p native? It would be sweet at 60fps!

really duh5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

You better hope the full game of GT5 looks leaps and bounds better then what was shown in my link when it comes out. I mean come on the GT5 dev says he can show the game now but won't and did not at E3. My guess is because it looks like the demo of the full game.

GT5 is probably being packed with a bunch of NS and not getting major graphical overhauls


The off screen footage of Forza kills the direct footage of the GT5 demo.

Montrealien5227d ago


yeah, this game should be something like 640p, or 720p native running at 60fps. It will have 1080p upscaling though.

MNicholas5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )


(where the pixels are absolutely awash with complex shaders and shadows) I'll be impressed. As of now the in-game graphics of Forza 3 aren't particularly impressive. They still have many of the same reflection texture update issues not to mention the fact that those reflection textures themselves look pretty random rather than reflective of actual scenery.

For example, how does a car driving past a tall cliff reflect an unobstructed view of the sky? Hmmm. How about texture reuse? They've upped the texture quality by simply reusing textures rather than loading or generating new ones. OTOH it sure makes those cars look shiny!

It's just a question of making artistic compromises to get a certain look where there is limited scope for technical improvement.

pharmd5227d ago

that kind of control while in the grass is ABSURD (talking about the car in front of the driver)....


JOLLY15227d ago

Do you mean white-washed? That capture was so over-saturated. Get a better vid.

Aquanox5227d ago

All racers scale to 1080p, including GT5. The only difference is that they use a different resolution to upscale the game.

Gt5 talk aside, nobody can deny that this is the best looking racing gameplay (Gameplay not CGI) we've seen so far.

Greywulf5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

GT5p renders natively 1080p lines of resolution. And upscales the other resolution to 1920, but keeps the 1080p lines native. Do you know what lines of resolution even is?

Forza3 cant' render 1080p natively at all . Which is why it upscales from 720p, like most multiplatform games.

not really the same thing. GT upscales less, renders more cars, and in a higher resolution. At 60fps. 60 fps for a 720p game isn't that much of a feat, especially for a game calling itself the "definitive" racer.

Forza3's screenshots look breathtaking, but the ingame footage isn't anywhere near the detail of post processing/sharpness.

For the most part, Grid pulls off more convincing visuals as far as blur while driving, and sense of speed. The vehicles aren't rocking or bouncing at all, which was a problem with Forza2. Cars are bouncing off of walls, and not responding to driving on grass.

Turn10's screenshots compete with GT5's ingame footage. But Forza3's actual gameplay footage is far from what the screenshots are leading you to believe.

sofresh2005227d ago

It looks great, mountains were nice, but the cars seem kinda shiny to me. Also, I thought there was an in-car view???

Greywulf5227d ago

Doesn't appear theres the windscreen view in Online. Also its 8 cars only. Which is beyond me especially for the new LMP classes announced today.

pharmd5227d ago

whoever is disagreeing with my post is GARBAGE.... either you're blinded by your MS worshiping or you've never driven or even seen a car driven......

i dont care what game it is for what system there is NO WAY IN HELL that a car could or would handle like that at that speed in grass... re read my post, re watch the video with the blinders off and you'll see... to tag this game (as the devs have) as the TRUE racing sim is a flat out lie.... im not saying any other game will be better or worse, im saying ITS NOT REALISTIC....

come to terms with it, it is what it is.....

pharmd5227d ago


kinda plastic like IMO... i thought that about a previous article with HD screen shots... didnt notice it too bad in this vid but like i said i've seen it in previous....

Greywulf5227d ago

Well it depends on which physics they were using for the race. If they were using simulation,

Forza3 is the biggest joke in the entire racing simulation world.

BUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTT, I cant believe that its the simulation mode. You cant just bounce off of a wall like that, and hop back on the road. That alone dismisses any realisim. The wheels would have been wrecked, and no murcielago would catch up to a turbo with busted wheels. Although, the other driver was just as bad, and had no damage on the vehicles.

Too early to tell which mode was activated, but you figure they would show off the physics since its what has been harped upon so much by the media/community.

Aquanox5227d ago

@ Greywulf

Haha... nice try playing with words.

GT5 does NOT render 1080p natively... it renders HALF 1080p natively and then it gets upscaled.

Sure it's still a good achievement but nowhere close to native 1080p.

That's going to happen in the next generation.

Ju5227d ago

What are you smoking, duh ?


This is out now! No need to wait.

Greywulf5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

1080 p the P refers to progressive, not interlaced.

GT5 renders the 1080p lines natively. Which is what forza cant do. Its like you're just proving my point by rephrasing exactly what I said, and showing your ignorance of what "1080p" means, when i say it renders the 1080 lines natively.

It means it renders 1080 progressive lines of resolution natively. No upscale required for that. They upscale the other portion which is 1020x1080 iirc to 1920x1080. But the 1080 is untouched, since its rendered natively by GT5p's engine.

Make sense?

Forza3 can only render 1280x720. If I were to say Forza3 renders 720p lines of resolution natively, its the same as saying it renders 1080p lines of resolution natively. Its the actual image its creating/rendering. And the 1280 lines as well, which are then both upscaled to 1920x1080.

In Forza3's case, you upscale from the lower entire resolution of 1280x720 to 1920x1080. For GT5p, only the first field is upscaled to 1920, but not the second, since its what the engine renders.

Get excited next time when you have a point to make. not falling down the stairs 5 times on the way to fall into a pit of fail.

"Sure it's still a good achievement but nowhere close to native 1080p. " = backpedaling. you want to brag about how its the same as GT5, then when its not.. its no longer worth bragging in your opinion? Yeah, backpedaling. The only thing GT5 and Forza3 have in common is that they both feature the automobile.

It renders the 1080p portion of 1080p natively already Aquanox. And is around 900 lines from the full 1920. which when you actually own a nice TV, rendering 1080 lines of resolution is more visually significant than upscaling from 720p.

Forza3 will look better on a 720p set, without it upscaled to 1080.

"Full1080" = native 1920x1080p lines of resolution.

You could have an image at 1x1080, and it would still be rendering the 1080p lines natively. There is no other word for 1080p when talking about resolution.

beardpapa5227d ago

I have to agree with PharmD on this. There's no way you can handle like in the vid while on grass. Just google vids of it or youtube. Maybe even check out that Ferrari crash clip where the guy went over grass and had no control. Either sim mode was off or physics isn't really implemented yet but still, F3 it's supposed the definitive sim. Either way I'm still getting it. Kinda gets me that the idiot driver cheated his way GT-style into winning. What a nub.

Ju5227d ago

Not impressed. Why does the grass actually reflect light like the street ? I thought there was damage (probably switched off), and where are the people ? Empty ranks all over the place. Not even close to what the teaser movies looked like.