First Ever Saboteur Footage

The first gameplay footage to ever be shown of Pandemics next-gen game, Saboteur. Coming in 2008 for PS3 and 360.

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gta_cb4268d ago

this game looks good, is it like Oblivion? (as in the type of game play etc?)

omansteveo4268d ago

No i dont think so, it looks to be more fast paced action with some stealth and a heavy emphasis on melee combat. Im really excited about the Jazz music i love jazz

Tut4268d ago

One of the things I am looking forward to seeing the most so far with this game is the black & white transitions with color. I wonder how much it will add to the game, if at all.

Jazz is also a + =)

pudding4268d ago

"Gamespot" should have taken the props for this one!

Figboy4268d ago

i was intrigued after i first heard about it, and saw screenshots for it.

after seeing this video, i'm even moreso.

i thought the part where he ran from color to black and white was rather cool, and the effect it conveyed to me was a menacing one.

it's like, the guy is leaving the "safe" colorful environs to the "menacing" black and white environment. cool stuff.

i'm looking forward to getting my hands on it and checking it out.

PS3n3604268d ago

on my radar. nice to see a different take on a ww2 shooter. The everyman instead of the overdone soldier story. Nice that it is multi platform so we can all enjoy it instead of argue about it.

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