Will The Japanese DS, Wii Shortages Ever Stop?

One word best sums up Japan's relationship with the DS: Insane. The portable has sold oodles (yes, OODLES) and continues to do so. Likewise, the Wii is a big seller. So, Nintendo's been producing the DS Lite for a while now, so there shouldn't be shortages still, right? And the Wii, well, that can't be that hard to make so Japan should be swimming in them. Nope! Both products seem in short supply

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Ban Me4267d ago

To quote UK Resistance...

"Honestly. It's like you're not even trying. How hard is it to put Gamecubes into white boxes anyway?"

ITR4266d ago

I know at Target they have a hard time keeping DS Lites in stock.
People mostly looking for the black and pink ones.

I bet the samething will happen when the Wii goes black this fall.

ChickeyCantor4266d ago

while you let people wait the demand gets stronger.