Another Use For the PlayStation 3's Cell Chip: Medical Imaging Applications Such As Detecting Breast Cancer

From the article:

"The PlayStation 3 's Cell Broadband Engine microprocessor is proving useful in medical imaging applications such as detecting breast cancer.

IBM and the Mayo Clinic are announcing today that the Cell chip has been used in medical imaging applications to register 3-D medical images at speeds 50 times faster than traditional methods. The method helps with image registration, or aligning two different images so that doctors can track the growth of a tumor.

The results will be presented April 12 to 15 at a IEEE engineering conference in Washington, D.C.."

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Torch4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

I'm coming to the realization that I'll get to live the dream vicariously using my PS3!

Hmph...Some guys do so with their kids...I manage to do it via a shiny black box sitting in my living room.

Who wudduh thunk.

This year: erraticating cancer and year: the resurrection of Frankenstein's Monster!

...Mmmmwahahahahahaha! ;)

DJ4265d ago

Dual-cell blade servers vs. the normal supercomputer racks, and seeing Cell outpace those supercomputers by 50x was pretty astounding. I think a great example can be found here:

DrWan4265d ago

Lol..i am not gona have PS3s in my clinic; its the Cell that maybe used int he new computers for the MRI imaging that's all. I doubt i will be hooking up PS3s to the machines..but i gotta tell u..if i 'can'..this is a freaking cheap alternative to buying these bigger computers with same amount of power..PS3 is steal man..good deal.

gta_cb4264d ago

i am glad that the gaming industry is trying to help research, but also shame i havnt got a PS3... for the mean time im gonna have to miss out on saying i helped :(

nanometric4264d ago

They are talking only about the Cell chip, it's not the whole PS3, duh! Just because PS3 has it, doesn't mean it will be used to detect cancer!

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