MVP's Get Spring Dashboard Update Early

In a conversation with GamerTagRadio's Godfree, he revealed that all Xbox MVP's were able to get the upcoming Spring Dashboard Update early.

To answer some questions that people were having…

It will not increase your 100 limit Xbox GamerTag Friend List… but it will allow you to add up to up to 600 MSN contacts, and will merge GamerTags with MSN contacts if possible

Your GamerTag is not automatically synced to your MSN details, you are given the option to sign in with any name that you have. (So, you aren't stuck with an outdated MSN name that you used to make the XBL GamerTag with)

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FordGTGuy4263d ago

and BTW how can this be at all official since his only a podcast operator not an official Microsoft source of information?

DAKing2404263d ago

Its official because he is a MVP, and every other MVP I contacted confirmed it. BTW, he is an official source of information for some things, including this.

Nascasho4263d ago

It's official because says so.

gta_cb4263d ago

im looking forward to this update :D

Caxtus7504263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

but what is an MVP?