Fan movie alert: Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy Next Gen Trailer

Destructoid shows us a trailer for a Metal Gear Solid movie. Fortunately, Boll had absolutely nothing to do with Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy. The fan film (produced by the Italy-based Hive Division) is a wholly original and independent piece of work that mixes live action with CGI. Chances of it being better than any Hollywood produced Metal Gear film are high, but that's not saying much.

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nanometric4269d ago

Great find! Thanks


This site is not only for latest news, it's about anything game related!

Retro-Virus4269d ago

I've never seen a real life person that comes that much close to Snake...great Vid !!


Vojkan4269d ago

Naahhh. He doesnt't look anything like Snake but movement was very good.

Bebedora4269d ago

Mute him or pick a better voice actor. That voice really sucks. we-eh have-uh to-uh stop talking-eh like-eh this-eh.

crazy annoying!