Goodbye DVI and VGA, DisplayPort is Here

While it still may be a few years before we can officially wave goodbye to VGA and DVI, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) today announced approval of DisplayPort 1.1 as the new industry standard for flat panel displays, projectors, PCs and consumer electronics devices.

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BIadestarX4306d ago

"The group is also finalizing guidelines for providing DVI and HDMI connectivity via the DisplayPort connector, which first appeared at CES 2007 in January." Funny... we are going crazy over hdmi and it seems as if DisplayPort is the future and not HDMI. If you ask me, TVs are just monitors so I wouldn't doubt if they all start adding this new port. It seem as Sony forgot to future proof even further by adding this port. As I say before future proofing yourselve it's stupid technology moves to quick.

fury4306d ago

...why don't you shut the f*ck up?

BIadestarX4306d ago

Because I don't feel like it; and ofcourse you can't make me. "Seriously" truth hurts.

FeralPhoenix4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

So I guess M$ will be releasing the "Titan" 360 next year with "DisplayPort" technology....LOL, just kiddin, just kiddin. Seriously though how many Associations (VESA, etc.) and Protocols (HDCP, TCP)do we need to determine what the hell the standard is going to be to view the content(movies) we purchased. I really just wish they would just get it together and finalize the standards for the next 5 or so years, so we don't have to worry about buying something while wondering if it will work/be compatible on our TV's more than 2 yrs.

marison4306d ago

... that will be some HDMI/Display Port common protocol and only will be needed a adapter to use a Display Port TV or Monitor with HDMI. Maybe not the same in the other direction.

marison4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

a cheap physical adapter, I must complete.

DEIx15x84306d ago

This isn't meant for TVs. It was designed for use with computers. The reason computers use VGA and some use DVI rather than switching to HDMI is that the manufacturers don't want to pay royalties for each port they install on a computer. This format is royalty free which is what the computer manufacturers have been waiting for to make the switch to a new format.

Keyser4306d ago

^^^ Thanks for clearing that up so this doesn't turn into an all out war over why the Elite and PS3 aren't future proof. This doesn't effect them. (Actually, looks very similar to HDMI)

FeralPhoenix4306d ago

yeah maybe its just me but the article isn't clear about this standard only being for computers, actually it states:

"the new industry standard for flat panel displays, projectors, PCs and consumer electronics devices."-

-WTF?, I'm confused so if someone can explain what the hell the difference is between this and HDMI then I might be able to sleep tonight.

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