Exclusive GTA IV preview coming soon on OPM

News direct from, a forum participant claimed that the Official PlayStation Magazine will be featuring a full-blown, exclusive look at the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto sequel from Rockstar Games. The next issue of the UK version of the Official PlayStation Magazine should be up for sale on May 2, 2007.

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Robotz Rule4267d ago

Too bad the U.S. doesn't have an Official Playstation magazine,beside PSM!

N4G_FANBOY_CRAP4267d ago

It contains actual information and puts an end to all of the speculation.

SimmoUK4267d ago

Although The Getaway is going to eat it up unfortunately for Rockstar, it was there decision to go multi plat though...

Maldread4267d ago

Based on the two first Getaway games, i see nothing to suggest the Getaway can beat GTA4, even though the PS3 is a new platform to provide a fresh start. They have a lot to correct from the previous games errors, much like Killzone, even though i have more faith in Killzone than the Getaway. Still, hope i`m wrong. The Getaway could`ve and should`ve, ended up better than it did.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4266d ago

w/ the getaway. the first two weren`t that good, but neither were the first two GTA`s, or the first two Burnout`s.

the getaway has a good chance of really blossoming this time around.
I don`t know if it`s gonna be better than GTA,
but don`t write it off.

Maldread4266d ago

I`m not sure i agree with you, the first GTA was a revolutionary game with an open world with many possibilities, but the graphics sucked even then, i can`t even think of how bad the look now. GTA2 was a good sequel, but it was GTA3 was mindblowing, and the most important of them all. Burnout was always great, the third on was the best for me, the recent one, by the sound of reviews, not so much.

I hope you`re right, because i`ve stopped caring about the Getaway to be honest. Hope the same dosn`t happen to Killzone, they need to address the errors of their previous games, if not, then there isn`t a point to make more of them.

techie4266d ago

Mal - Killzone got very high scores on the fact it has been called one of the best titles on that platform. Everythings there and they have the ability to make it amazing on the ps3.

The Getaway's graphics will blow away GTA4...gameplay? Who knows. All shrouded in mystery.

Maldread4266d ago

Yeah your right about the PSP Killzone, but it`s still a 8/10 game if i remember correctly, on a platform with very few great games. And i`m sceptical, considering the video it`s supposed to live up to, Motorstorm didn`t. If the grapichs isn`t as good, and they won`t be, i don`t care that much (just a bit hehe). I hope they have had enough time to get rid of the issues which plagued the first one.

Guess i`m just worried it will be rushed out to compete with Halo 3, which would be a mistake if you ask me. I just won`t hype Killzone to the epic proportions some people are, not talking about you here. I have always seen you as a down-to-earth person hehe.

As for the Getaway, sorry, but i don`t care too much about it, partly based on the previous games and as you say, we really don`t know anything of it yet, so no reason to go crazy yet.

Based on the PSP game, i do have more faith in Killzone than the Getaway, but guess we`ll get more answers at E3.

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