Best E3 PSP Game - Gametrailers

Players can expect big things from Sony's little wonder in 2009.

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xabmol5461d ago

I can't help but feel that they left one game out. Hmm... :-/

Myst5461d ago (Edited 5461d ago )

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker? It was announced shown things, but more than likely not playable so they probably it left out. Not sure if that's the one your thinking of.

Then again I wonder if all the games they nominated were playable at E3..If so I can see how Peace walker may have been left out, if it was just PSP games in general then Peace walker should have been put in.

Bengoshi-San5461d ago

No offense to any other psp game coming out (and there's a lot of good ones), but LittleBigPlanet PSP is going to overshadow anything and everything else on PSP.

Mark my word.

mrv3215461d ago

There's one thing that will make LBP game of the year.... quick save. With LBP levels taking HOURS to make the ability to slide the PSP open find you in LBP and start to create straight away will make a huge difference.

Also a playlist ability, no doubt it'll contain the usual story mode but with no wireless for many people while on the go the ability to down let's day today's top ten in one minute while you brush our teeth come back turn off PSP and on the way to work you turn it on click PLAY my playlist after each level you can update the scores and feeling and next time you become connected to the internet those score will all be uploaded etc.

Those two features could make this game great and turn it allmost creepily long. I'd buy it for long train rides, making and testing levels.

So what do you think on those features?

Also multiplayer could be cool especially if you could make your own levels, the doesn't have to be online but LAN, or something. That could be great with a LBP lounge in a Sony store, 4 simple pods someone walks in sits down, connects to the 3 other people and he can drop his own items down etc.

morganfell5461d ago

My vote goes to SOCOM FTB III. It was fully playable at E3 tough it was an alpha. The final version will offer 4 player co-op through the entire SP campaign. They only had two demo stations running so we had myself and a buddy with 2 AI running in a 4 man fire team. The level was multi tiered with numerous objectives. Approaches opened up into broad areas that were well designed and supported flanking and fire and maneuver. The AI moved well and were not tethered. Great fun. The controls were very tight and exacting. It was a blast to play.

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isarai7d ago

Kenka Bancho is such a hidden gem.

Chevalier6d ago

I think I got half the list. Including Junpeis hat

gold_drake6d ago

ooo i still have my persona 1 and p3p


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