PS3 & 360 cross-platform messaging is possible.

It seems everybody on the Interweb is getting excited about the Xbox 360s further integration with Windows via the new Xbox LIVE Messenger feature. Is this really something that will make PlayStation owners green with envy?

Well if Sony felt their users wanted a similar PC instant messaging service then they might look at Yahoo Messenger which already allows limited inter-connectivity with MSN Messenger.

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BIadestarX4306d ago

Sony will never do this. Too much pride.

zantetsuken4306d ago

It's not a big feature, and PS3 can do this plus much much more with linux installed.

If i want to chat i'll hop on my computer. Christ, what's wrong with voice chats?

BubblesDAVERAGE4306d ago

If u havent noticed Sony has been listening to its fan...So if they want it, it will happen sooner or later. I would love yahoo messenger

techie4306d ago

Lol. I use msn messenger...SOny and Microsoft should join forcess lol. The ps3 plays WMA's right...?

ASSASSYN 36o4306d ago

I don`t know anyone with a ps3. And, why would I want to IM ps3 players if there is not any compatiable games out? If say for some odd-brained reason Huxley comes out for the ps3 as it is for the Xbox 36o then yes I would see a point.

DaTrooF4306d ago

i would really like to use my ps3 to talk to my friends that only owns a 360.hope something like that happens.

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The story is too old to be commented.