New Heavenly Sword screenshots

Gamepro just released this new batch of Ninja Theory's upcoming beat-em all for the PS3, Heavenly Sword.

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Bill Nye4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

I was just about to submit this, hah. It's too bad they're so small.

techie4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

....can't proud of the ninjas. Wahhh...and the great thing is! It's HS week on gamepro! SOmething new every day. gameplay footage!?

I'm so sorry for doubting Sony marketting again.

Look at her in-game playable face...looks like their research into eye specular has paid off as well. Look at the lovely scenery - the grass and flowers and so many enemies! The shadows and the colours look great...ps3 games washed out my ass. (oooh that last sentence sounds strange...wouldn't need to go to woolworths then..)

GeneYus4264d ago

You're the only person that is obsessed with this game on the same level as me. I've been watching this damn game for over two years now and the anticipation just grows with every bit of info. The shot of Nariko over the hundreds of soldiers has exciting potential! The shifting release dates are definitely driving me crazy though...

techie4264d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

Same here. I've always said it's about the games and I'll tell you this now. If HS was on the 360 I'd pick it over the ps3. Really this game is what dreams are made of lol.

I'm going to cambridge now to go and get a hands on test! Not too far for me. Dang. DOn't hype, don't hype. Calm.

Looks average... q: LOL no demo for a while figboy, it only entered Alpha last month.

Gene sounds like we have the same taste in games. I also can't wait for this or uncharted...David Jaffe said personally that Uncharted was breathtaking! hehe.

Note: I love these screens as they show of the scenery, but they are missing the bloom and HDR of previous gameplay...I'm sure that's coming back, and these are great to show the quality of the scenery and the colour to dispell the "ps3 games are washed out and uncolourful" also shows off the great shadows...really just look at the soft shadows on everything and the lighting of Nariko. It does look amazing...just want to see those Bloom affects back, because they gave a real atmosphere.

wildcat4264d ago

the environments are stunning and detailed, the scenery is grand, and the amount of enemies on screen is going to be just spectacular. they've also improved the texture of her hair.

ps3604264d ago

this game is evrything i hoped it would and more

OH MY GOSH you can even see the ditail on the persons foot on PIC #8

Figboy4264d ago

i'm just as obsessed, if not moreso, with Heavenly Sword than you also!

it doesn't help that i actually got to get my hands on it for 3 oh so brief minutes at E3 last year.

oh, Nariko, you c*cktease you!

Sony really needs to get a demo out for this game asap. like, this month.

i know the Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo is hitting this month (man, i can't wait for that one either), but a Heavenly Sword, Lair, and Warhawk demo would really be a kick in the pants for the PS3.

it *NEEDS* demos of upcoming potentially AAA games, instead of demos of games that have been released already.

on topic, HS looks great, and i can't wait. i'm really hoping it doesn't come out in September like what's been rumored. a July release would be golden.

GeneYus4264d ago

Getting to play a demo of this game and having to wait as long as you have thus far would be torture... I'm going crazy and I've just seen pictures and the few videos. These screenshots are so great cause they actually show off scenes that we havent seen before! I feel like the last year has been so sparse in terms of new HS goodness so this batch of screens is just amazing. Its scary how good this game is starting to look. I loved the 2005 vs 2007 comparison photos. This and Uncharted are without a doubt my most looked forward to games of the year.

n4g sucks4263d ago

OH MY GOD , these screen shots just gave me goose bumps. i cant believe nariko strated out looking like a jap anime character but look at her now. her hair is no longer so choppy and the skin textures look off the hook.(look at the toes.) her face looks less asian inspired and she actually has a butt now. PLEASE give me more sony i NEED this game like a crack head needs rocks..i think this will be the first game to show off some of that cell processor power, 2200 characters at once.......excuse me why i go walk off my chubby

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LSDARBY4264d ago

Nice, this game looks better every time i see it.

Loudninja4264d ago

Man it looks even better!