Future of low-end PS3 appears in doubt

Future of low-end PS3 appears in doubtIn spite of the fact that maker Sony denies that it has been discontinued, the 20GB version its PlayStation 3 console is apparently becoming harder to track down, with at least three retailers no longer offering the cheaper, less featured version.

In a statement, the electronics giant announced that the 20GB version, which retails at $499 is still shipping to retailers. The general feeling among retailers is that there's a lack of demand by consumers for the 20GB model.

Sony has stressed a number of times that the 60GB PS3 is the more popular of the two, therefore some stores have opted to only sell that model.

The PS3, which debuted in Europe last month, is currently struggling up saleswise with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii console. Research figures show that Sony's sales have dropped off sharply while the Xbox 360 and Wii have shown more seasonal declines.

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Scrumptious4262d ago

I was looking all over for a 20gb model. Eventhe Sony store did not have it. I gave up and got the 60gb one, though I could have used that extra hundred for other crap, LIKE THE DAMN VIDEO CABLES!

BubblesDAVERAGE4262d ago

Now u got wifi, a bigger hardrive and sd card readers....

Marriot VP4262d ago

and we all know how important a bigger HDD, wifi, and sd card slots are to NORMAL CONSUMERS.

sony's chopping away their fanbase

r10004261d ago

and we all know how important a bigger HDD, wifi, and sd card slots are to NORMAL CONSUMERS.

Are you serious???

Now the SD card doesn't matter.

but you make it seem like he's buying the system for something other then gaming... A "GAMER" would want.. Wifi and a bigger HD... isn't that what the xbox elite is touting... and still no intergrated Wifi

Scrumptious4262d ago

I gotta say, for media the 360 wins hands-down. I can stream everything from the PC. That's why I only wanted the 20gb model. Also, I prefer the speed of a wired connection to the wireless modem that came with my DSL. I learned that from the damn Wii, which took over an hour to update and crawls when I tried out the browser. Speaking of which, am I the only one who finds browsers on consoles to be a waste of time? Just another check on the back of the box. Anyways, anyone know when a good PS# game is coming out or what's out now that's good? My second 360 got the 3 red lights last week and it will be a while before I get it back. Already picked up Resistance so don't say that one.

SmokeyMcBear4262d ago

just get an external HD and dump everything into there. So you have everything streaming?, so that means you dropped a hundo on the wireless adapter... doh. Red Kawa is working on an app to stream media from the PC to the PS3 so that might good for ya, but I bit the bullet and put all my media, music videos pics on an external, and freed up my pc for work and internet browing and what not, plus I don't have to turn it on in order to get my movies, why run two appliances when one will do. I'v had absolutely no problems with my downloads, then again the router is about 20 ft from the ps3, so that might take into account. Yeah the web browser isnt the best, but it'll be handy to look for codes and gaming info which should be cool. But ive used it, checked email, posted on website, to be hones this is the only site that gives me trouble, not sure why. Also if you just wanna do a quick check, you don't have to turn the pc on, unless you have it on all the time, then it makes no difference. You have to pick up motorstorm, no if ands or buts. Single player is fun, Online is awesome. Only bad part, is the stupid loading up the game and cars, not sure why it takes so long, but the gameplay is second to none.

Torch4262d ago

First or second, as they're both absolutely stellar.

Unless you've already played them, you won't even be thinking "Next-gen" with these two amazing titles. Hands down, two of the best games I've ever played, and joyfully addictive: In a single week, I'm almost through both games (about thirteen hours play-time for each story) And hey, the first GoW is a steal at only $20 (it's a Greatest Hit).

However, if you MUST have next-gen eye candy, then Motorstorm, Virtua Fighter (or frugally-priced Tekken 5 via PSN), or Fight Night are potential gems...depending upon your preferred genre.

As far a console web browsers go, I partially agree with you, although I must admit that the Wii's easy-entry, pointable on-screen keyboard makes couch surfing quite enjoyable...though the browser itself could use some added functionality (more streaming support, PDF's, multiple browsers, etc.)

nstott4261d ago

Transferring all of your media to an external hard drive is a waste of time and a pain in the ass. Every new movie/song/tv show you download you would have to transfer it again. You don't have to turn on your pc everytime you want to use your media. Set your pc to hibernate or suspend and allow your network card to wake up your pc. Works really well. What happens if you get a second ps3? You going to tote that external back and forth between them?

SmokeyMcBear4261d ago

wow, I don't have the funds for the second ps3, but i see where you are going. I really don't download too much from the internet. Besides the robot chicken/family guy/ATHF shows. All of my media is basically ripped and converted DVD's. I have about 20 gigs of music, but thats already in the external, and I can download music directly to the external from the ps3. So I can see you point if you download lots of things from the internet. I really only use my computer for internet browinsg, and doing autocad work that i didnt finish at work. That and the normal word processing, general office type stuff. I can see if you use your pc to download loads and loads of stuff, but yeah those days are over. That was the college years, its different now, the pc doesnt get a lot of usage.

nstott4260d ago

I don't download tv shows they are recorded from cable and ota HD and streamed to my 360. Rotating these in and out would be an act of pure frustration on an external drive. They are also synched to my gigabeat s for on the go media (I know what you are thinking here isn't that just a external hd? True, but all I do is plug it in and all of the latest tv shows are loaded. Wish it was wireless, and would sync when in range, but pluggin in isn't bad). I do download movies and music and podcasts legally from services, so it is not just a college thing. More of a wave of the future kinda thing where you have a central server in your house and stream all media/information to clients throughout your house. Something I have been doing for a couple of years now and works very well.

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big_tim4262d ago

they got rid of the 20 gig and dropped the price of the 60. What I want is in the 60 gig anyway.

Grown Folks Talk4262d ago

a 20 gig since about 2 weeks after the american launch. that's the 1 i'd get. don't need card readers, don't care about wi-fi cuz it would be 10' from my modem, and i can just use the extra $100 + to upgrade the hard drive. just like microsoft, they prefer you to buy the higher unit.

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