Analyst: PS3 Won't Be Widely Available 'Til 2007

The PlayStation 3 might not be ready for large-scale production until the end of July or early August, according to analyst P.J. McNealy. He also predicts that the PS3's complex inner workings may mean that console won't be widely available until 2007.


"Sony, we don’t think, is going to be in assembly for another four to six weeks--end of July, early August"

um, that seems a little late... they haven't even started producing the PS3 retail version yet?!

so low yields and no ability for fast cost reduction?

great plans sony!

Shadow Flare6360d ago

...that xbox 360 wasnt exactly bountyful in stock until only recently, and microsoft is yet to announce any price drops for the 360

xbox gamers have no right to chat crap bout this article (but i know they will), cos u could take this article, change the word ps3 to 360 and post it as news last year

The Real Deal6359d ago

How did Sony plan to launch in the First Quarter 2006 when they have No games even close to complete. The farthest along was 2 games at 70%. Most others at 20 percent to 30. And they haven't even started assembling the ps3 yet. Did they Lie on purpose or are they just really that far off on the ps3?

Gamer136360d ago

I of to wait outside my local gamestore 6 or 8hrs before it opens so i can get 1 at launch, ill make a pre order as soon as my local game store start taking pre orders.

Sony next time plan the PS4 launch better ok - Same gos for MS.

Islandkiwi6360d ago

You think you'll wait 6-8 hours? Think again, people will be camped 24 hours in advance.

I'd suggest waiting anyway. Give it six months.


kiwi is right- try a day at least if you want one. even then you will have to fight for it. preordering doesn't get you anything- sony decide how many and who gets them.

the only way you can be sure of getting one is to pay ALOT on ebay in nov.

Schmitty076360d ago

It will be the same thing as the 360 launch.

DG6360d ago

Duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh ! How do I apply for this crack monkeys job?

TitanXX6360d ago (Edited 6360d ago )

2 million systems world wide is not alot and with most of the PS3 going to Europe i don't think america will get many. We haven't even started Pre-orders as in Europe pre-orders started early june. So agree it will be alot like the 360 launch possiably worse.