Just How Important Is Force Feeback?

There seems to have been a whole lot of dirt kicked up about the new PS3 Dual Shock controller, from accusations that Sony copied Nintendo's motion sensing ideology to the fact that its design is basically the same as the previous Dual Shock's... sans force feedback. QJ.net talk about the latter, specifically the importance (or lack thereof) of force feedback.

Moostache6590d ago (Edited 6590d ago )

The difference between a rumble-enabled controller and a non-rumble enabled one is huge. It is the kind of feature that really adds to many different kinds of games - racers, sports, FPS chief among them.

Take Rockstar's new Table Tennis game on the 360 for instance. The force feedback enables people to hit shots with an appropriate amount of spin and power by giving feedback through the controller. Too much vibration and the shot is going to be too hard, lettuing the player know allows for more control than is otherwise possible.

In FPS like BF2 or COD2 or GRAW, the feedback when the character gets shot or when a vehicle gets stuck adds immensely to the experience. Without it, the games are not even clsoe to the same. Anyone who has played BF2 and FELT the rumble of a tank on the next street over knows this full-well...

Sony can say whatever the hell they want right now, but by Christmas 2007 there WILL certainly be a force-feedback PS3 controller - the games would suffer too much without it.

shotty6590d ago

The reason they are not puting it is because they will get sued by immerson. How would it interfere, Nintendo has both vibration and an even better motion controller that can also do depth. That is why the wii needs a motion bar under the TV. MS settled the problem with immersion and bought part of the company which is why the xbox 360 supports vibration and force feedback.

joemutt6590d ago

They need to ship the PS3 with the same old PS1 controller like they planned on doing, and selling the new sensor controller seperate. I dont think many games will implement the motion sensor, and the ones that do will get old after a while.

Wii can pull it off because of the shape of their controller, its more ergonomic, you cant hold the PS3 controller like a sword, it will just feel awkward I can already tell.

Joe Schmoe6590d ago

With out rumble some games are realy going to be lacking. With FPS's you can give me rumble or give me death. I refuse to buy a FPS if there is not the rumble feature. And I am a socom fanatic. But with the new controler I would love to be able to look around myself by turning my contoler a little off center. So looking forward to the new motion sensing but it is not worth the cost of no rumble to me. Sony figure this mess out or you will lose some true gamers.

calderra6587d ago

Sony only took out Rumble because they lost a lawsuit, not because of (BS reason). They only put in motion sensing because they found out Nintendo was doing it, and that looked like a good feature to hold above rumble. Sony can say anything else they want to, but they were still saying the non-motion-sensing Boomerang was official until Nintendo's controller was announced. Unless they want to admit that the boomerang was a complete lie and the new controller idea was the only one they ever had... (which is what their execs are currently basically saying).

Yes, rumble is when the controller just rumbles in your hand (all controllers except PS3's now). Force feedback is when a steering wheel "fights" you in a hard turn, or a gun jerks in your hand at an arcade.

And you can say all you want about not noticing rumble anymore, but you will notice when your controller totally lacks it. And Microsoft's point that "we've done tilt sensing before and it sucks" is tried and true sense. Nintendo has also done motion/tilt-sensing before (from the Power Glove to Warioware Twisted) and not many people really cared for it there either. But apparently nobody likes to learn from past mistakes in the console world...

joemutt6590d ago

Between vibration and force feedback, thought they were the same.

bloop6590d ago

When I first heard there wouldnt be any rumble it didnt really bother me, but the more comments I read the more I think it does kinda suck. Yeah, Sony slipped up on that one but Im sure Logitech and the likes will release PS3 controllers with rumble so its not really that worrying, is it?

speed6590d ago

Logitech makes damn good controllers too.