New BioShock Scans

New scans of BioShock from Xbox World 360 magazine.

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T-Virus4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

That's completly changed since I last saw it. Since when have the little girls looked like that?
I know it's a scan from a mag, but the graphics look appauling in that.

ElementX4264d ago

Ick, I almost lost my dinner. Looks like Xbox World mag needs to shut down the presses.

TheMART4264d ago

This game will be damn sick, but it's great ;-)

Damn I am pretty hyped up for playing this on my 360 this summer... It's very, very good to be a 360 owner

power of Green 4264d ago

Looks like sh*t! ofcourse i always say games look like sh*t from mag scans.

power of Green 4264d ago

Its still off the hook though i can't believe people actually judge games from pictures taken of mag page. The games looks great the image quality sucks ass.

T-Virus4264d ago

I acknowledged this in my comment. Still, it's off putting to look at. If I was in the game profession, and had the privilage of working on such a high profile title, I would NEVER allow magazines to put pictures out on their print, it looks disgustng.

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The story is too old to be commented.