Kingdom Hearts X?

Kingdom Hearts fans woke up this morning and noticed that gaming website has reserved a spot for the next KH title: Kingdom Hearts X. 'X' might be a placeholder for the real title, or perhaps IGN know something we don't.

The following notice is written inside the page:

"NOTE: Although this project has been confirmed as being in production, the exact release plans have not yet been announced. The game has also not been announced for any specific platform (though good bets are on the PlayStation 3 system due to the series' history.) Please check back for official info."

The creation of the new page is probably caused by Nomura's latest interview where he clearly states that the next Kingdom Hearts title won't be called Kingdom Hearts III.

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BlackIceJoe4268d ago

I would change one thing. You have down twice you should have the main link going to IGN. But keep the info
forever-fantasy said also.

That being said I do not like the name X but it could have to do with one of the main bad guys in the KH universe.

soul4268d ago

KHX is too cheesy. The real name will probably be 'KH: The Keyblade War' or something like that.

kewlkat0074268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

I got sick of the button smashing but , I liked the story and I even went out to buy part 1 before I played 2. They were sorta the same element.

I'm into video game music and I liked Santuary, by that girl, Utada, if that helps.

Xi4268d ago

I'm going to go into the thought it might actually be for the Xbox.

BubblesDAVERAGE4268d ago

I like turn base rpgs....I really couldn't get into KH

chitown4268d ago

its a great game guys try it out. i cant wait for it

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