GameInformer: Prototype Review

"Alex Mercer is a shape-shifter. He can assume the identity of anyone he kills, turning their bodies to mush and digesting what's left of them through his pores. By tapping into this ungodly power, he can imitate military personnel – a move that grants him the opportunity to lay waste to aircraft before they take to the skies. If he's being chased, he can consume an elderly, arthritic man to blend into New York City's sprawling walk of life. If he is searching for answers, he can digest the brains of someone in the know to view their memories. Alex can become anyone he sees fit, but no matter what skin he hides behind, the person he reminds me of the most is Spider-Man."

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GWAVE5513d ago

This game is getting such odd reviews. Some are praising it, others are trashing it, and reviews like this are labeling it as a definitive "rental"...

Spike475513d ago

and found out how repetitive it was. I think one aspect a game has to have is lasting appeal.

Jinxstar5513d ago (Edited 5513d ago )

I know what you mean. I may pick it up when it drops in price. Same with games like RE5. too many flaws to warrant 65$ imo. Especially with the Burnout add on today =D

A lot of people say "Ignore reviews buy what you want" but you need a good base... I only ever trust Gametrailers and Game informer myself. Everyone else seems bought or Biased. At least GI has a second opinion.

Edit; Totally off topic but I just got my platinum for inFAMOUS today =D

AlienGorilla5513d ago

I gotta agree with this review score along with IGN's, maybe give it an 8/10 tops.

I own both Infamous, and Prototype. I know i shouldn't be bringing up Infamous, but since I'm in the middle of playing that and now playing Prototype and seeing how they are so similar, i can't help it.

My first impressions of Protoype were, "Meh."

After playing it for a few hours, it's actually pretty fun, and i actually enjoy it. It's pretty brutal and the amount of powers and abilities that you are granted is insane.

It's not as polished as Infamous and doesn't feel as tight, especially the controls. They can be a little sloppy sometimes.

The graphics, despite what some are saying, aren't as good as infamous, but when you factor in the amount of pedestrians (A LOT) and carnage going on with out any frame hitches, you can forgive the low res textures and blocky character models. After all, gameplay is more important than graphics.

All in all i seem to agree more with the 7.0-8.0/10 scores for this game.

However, last time i didn't get a game because it didn't get "Rave" Reviews was with Assasins Creed. I ended up picking it up later when it was cheaper, and i loved it. Goes to show that you gotta play a game and make up your mind on how you feel about it.

xionpunk5513d ago

I'd say a 7 is about right. I'm enjoying what I've played so far, but it's not exactly a polished game. I'm happy with it but I think a lot of people expect more out of games these days, especially after Infamous.

JBaby3435513d ago

Both have rated it lower than other sites. That being said I still want to play it and see. Will probably rent it and see how it is.

MEsoJD5513d ago

IGN as the most reliable when it comes to reviews.

They also validated my assumptions of the game.

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rucky5513d ago (Edited 5513d ago )

These are the words that goes to my mind about this game.

"I want to play it but it's not worth $60."

So yeah either rental or the bin for me.

Eiffel5513d ago (Edited 5513d ago )

Actually I purchased it and I can say its pretty hard. The Missions get even more challenging with each new chapter. I just recently took out five strike team helicopters while fending off six hunters plus destroying checkmark points left by Blackwatch Soldiers all within a time limit.

Despite the graphics Its a good challenging title. Which is all I really ask from a game these days.

josh143995513d ago

i regret buying my copy to be honest. it was rather awesome at first but then it got a bit boring. i just wish i rented it now

Brock Danger5513d ago

I'm starting to feel that way about Red Faction, and I certainly don't need another one of those on my hands with Ghostbusters coming out next week.

Lord_Ranos5513d ago (Edited 5513d ago )

nice pic u have.

Infamous>>>>>P rototype.

Gambit075513d ago

Good & Evil Cole face-off.

fossilfern5513d ago

I think i made the right choice getting infamous instead