Blu-ray vs HD-DVD sales update: 9:2

According to the report, Blu-ray outsold HD-DVD an impressive 9:2 while dominating the top sellers list. The only HD-DVD movie to even make an appearence on the list was "The Departed".

Sony's new release "Casino Royale" smashed all previous records by shipping 100,000 units to retail and also in the report Sony has 5 of the top 10 releases for the month of March.

According to the numbers from VideoScan, since its inception there have been 844,000 Blu-ray units sold, while there have been 708,600 units sold for HD-DVD.

However, there are some notes for the numbers. The VideoScan numbers do not include Wal-mart sales and most online merchants. There are also many more Blu-Ray players in use due to the amount of PlayStation 3's that have been sold.

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BIadestarX4398d ago

wow, "Casino Royale" smashed all previous records by shipping 100,000" pretty much 1/8 blu-ray movie purchased is Casino Royale.

"The VideoScan numbers do not include Wal-mart sales and most online merchants." that sucks...

Watapata4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

Should change the link to the original article which has a bit more information including some of the charts referenced in the linked article.

** original article also has a link to the .pdf from Sony that contains all this info...**

mandrake4398d ago

If the PS3 trojan horse strategy enables Sony to win the format war, will it have been worth the damage inflicted on its game console business?

Bigmac5734398d ago

has been done to their console 5 years from now when gamers crave the best graphics and games. PS3 has the games, the format, and soon will have the users.

DJ4398d ago

Like what, HD Movies at an affordable price and 5 times more storage capacity for developers?

sabbath4204398d ago

How do you figure that one? Blue ray and ps3 are the most expensive, and quality is the same as the competition. The games on 360 have just as good of graphics and gameplay and in some cases better that the ps3.
HD DVD has the same picture quality and a better interactive experience, with much less cots in both cases.
Thats just the way it is.

techie4398d ago

I agree with all except Blu-ray movies being more expensive...they are actually on average cheaper...look here.

Ru4398d ago

Still looks pretty close.

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The story is too old to be commented.