New 4000 Microsoft Points cards now available

Just when 1600 Microsoft points just wasn't enough to get you through the week. Microsoft surprises you with the 4000 point card. Xboxic reports that these cards were spotted on the Circuit City website. If you were to go and buy one of these 4000 MSP cards, it would cost you $49.99.

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SmokeyMcBear4266d ago

Since not having a 360, I don't understand the points system, so I can't really relate points to monetary value. Is it simple to equate points with a dollar value? Can you puchase games/movie downloads with actualy money, or do you have to use M$ points? Well nevertheless, Having 4000 points available rather that 1600 points is good. Do you get more bang for your buck, how much does 1600 points cost?

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Diselage4266d ago

When your on the marketplace you can only buy things with the points. The expansion for Oblivion is by far the most expensive thing on the marketplace and from the reviews i hear that has good reason. The Shivering Isles is almost an entire other game from what I hear. Just like Bloodmoon and other expansion were for the Morrowind.

kamakazi4266d ago

MS is getting ready to milk us for their DLC, ill have to see how people rate the new GEARS map before i decide if i should buy them or wait till theyre free.

FordGTGuy4266d ago

currencies of all countries to become balanced.

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