Project Natal Demo on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Creative Director Kudo Tsunosa gives Jimmy, The Office's John Krasinski, and True Blood's Stephen Moyer a demonstration of Microsoft's controller-free gaming technology Project Natal from last nights show.

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KingKionic 4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

hmm interesting video i like this bam ther it is ..

check it out...


lol someone reported it as lame. But this is a Duplicate Story.



Johnny Rotten4983d ago

hmmmm it reminds me of something I've seem before.

Blaze9294983d ago

This is what you call marketing.

Pennywise4983d ago

lol @ johnny's video. Natal is soooo revolutionary!!!

If you look in the youtubes comment section you will find all your community trolls. Socomnick is there claiming the PS3 as a failure and predicting its cancellation in 2010.

ShabzS4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

from n4g ?!?! .. damn the inter webz

The Master Chief4983d ago

Mr. Fallon and the crowd sure seemed to be loving it. Listen to them all laughing and screaming.

Natal is gonna be HUGE. :)

Go go go Xbox!! :D

Mo0eY4983d ago

I can see the back of the box now.

One red jumpsuit
At least three windows in your room
At leat three light bulbs burning at all times
Must not have dark skin
Must not have stuff moving in background

Real Gambler4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

Impressive that it was working in a studio (lighting is tricky). So I think that's why they had to use the red suit... Don't worry, they surely won't be mandatory : ) Dark skin is not a problem either as shown in many demos, and one demo was shown with somebody walking in the background with no effect.

Wondering why there was tape on the floor though... Not for camera angles, this was strange... Hope I don't have to tape my living room!

Here's a picture from Joystick that show that sync still need a lot of work. (Jimmy's leg is way up, and on tv, both legs of the avatar are still well planted on the floor.)

But again, it's work in progress. They still have a full year of tweaking before it does hit the shelf!

NOW, give me a price! It's nice to show the stuff, but rumor is $200 to $400... A ballpark figure would be nice!

BLuKhaos4983d ago

Isn't it funny how M$ blatantly rips off the Eye Toy and the media goes bat sh!t crazy but when Sony implemented the trophy systems it was "TEH SONIZ DUUUMZ" or "SONIZ PLEYZ CATCHUP AGAIN".

Mu5afir4983d ago

Microsoft stated you can play with this under minimal lighting conditions.. Hack they stated, you can play this game in the DARK. So why you would need a shiny orange jump suit.. is beyond me.

Unless it's the obvious reason.. Jimmy and everyone else were waring black suits.. the Camera has a hard time picking up darker colors. So they had to wear orange jump suits.

locos854983d ago

Wow Natal need alot of work. When Jimmy is playing Burnout I see his hands trying to turn the car to the right but the car goes left for 3 or 4 seconds longer. Playing with natal is like playing online. There will always be lag, which sucks.

oohWii4983d ago

Some of the comments just ooze with jealousy. It's so funny. ALso, millions of people that didn't see E3 got to see Natal during this show. That could only be a good thing for Microsoft. Perhaps this is what has the Hardcore PS3 FanFanatic shaking in his/her boots (cough above).

No Way4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )


@Real Gambler - That picture..
It may be like that because the game hasn't necessarily started yet?
But, no doubt, it still does need work. And, is still a work in progress.

TheRealSpy024983d ago

i won't argue that the technology is perfect. i'm really not even very excited for it.

but, the part you're talking about is because jimmy falon is a mumbling stumbling retard and a spaz. right off the bat he burned out which is why the car did that. haven't you played burn out? same thing happens when you jam the gas in the game.

also when a person goes off the area of view for the camera and new person steps in, the thing has to reset. so if you jump in and already have your foot forward, it's going to analyze based on that so you'd have to put your foot forward even more. which is why he had to keep stepping forward.

i'm not making excuses, as i said, i'm not blown away by natal at all. some ppl are just quick to denounce anything that isn't a sony product on this site.

and to the guy saying this is a blatant rip off of the eye toy...while the concept is similar, this is far more advanced. and if we're calling ppl out for blatant rip-offs we should probably also mention most of PSN (ideas taken from xbox live), motion sensing wii-mote rip off, home (basically a dumbed down second life clone but designed to hock merchandise), and trophies.

so how about you just stay outta the 360 related articles, you troll.

CornWithHair4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

am i the only person who realized the guy needed a remote?

when i say remote i mean in terms of something u can physically hold in your hand... a controller

outlawlife4982d ago (Edited 4982d ago )

the remote was for switching between setups, they had 2 demos running concurrently

basically like an a/b switch, 2 xboxes going to 1 was for time constraints, he wasn't actually controlling anything on the xbox

gaffyh4982d ago

He tried to show that it was responsive, but it still had quite a delay. More than the 1:1 that Motion Plus and Sony's motion controller. Sony has the same problem with their PSEye games, the delay is minimal but still noticeable enough to be annoying.

They showed pretty much the same stuff as the conference, but a good way to hype up a product, kudos to MS.

Tito Jackson4982d ago (Edited 4982d ago )

...seems to be working better all the time, and theres plenty of time for improvements!

I dont know why all the Sony fanboys have to hate on it so much. Personally, I think the MS Fanboys should be jealous over Sony's glowing vibrator, er, um, Motion Controller. :)

By the way guys, I had Eye Toy. And it was sh*tty. I played it with a group of friends, TWICE, and then never touched it again. If you guys had better experiences, then thats great, but I still doubt it.

siliticx4982d ago

Disclaimer : Yes I'm a ps3 fanboy but also own a 360 and am excited by both projects.

First and foremost, whats the the suit and the limited area of play? really?!

2. Is it me or did jimmy have an hard time controlling it and the character was hardly doing what he wanted.

3. In the burnout demo you could feel the awkwardness, theres no controller, therefore no force feedback or sense of pressure, its just not natural.

I just hope for m$ that this won't just be centered on hype and will actually deliver.

cherrypie4982d ago

LOL @ the people comparing this to Xbox LIVE Vision and eyetoy.

Apparently you dont know the difference between 2 and 3 dimensions.

Here's a protip, have you heard of MS purchase of "3DV Systems" and their **Z**Cam product?


Lol. Natal is fracking awesome, it is a 3D camera, with 3D audio sensing - wrapped up in some sweet ass software... and you link to SDF youtube stories!?

Wired, Joystiq, Time, Eurogamer and on and on and on and on are utterly WOW'ed by Natal -- it was just on LATE NIGHT television FFS -- and you pretend like its not awesome.

Here's a newsflash; it is AWESOME and you can pretend otherwise all you like.

gaffyh4982d ago

@cherrypie - I find it funny how everyone is hyping a product that is unproven. What has been shown so far (live) is stuff that the PSEye and the Eyetoy have been doing for years.

Natal COULD work, but in late 2010, no way is it fully usable now. Every demo they show is in IDEAL conditions, and that's the problem, a test needs to be done unsupervised by a non-biased party.

Sony and Nintendo's stuff can easily be proven, the stuff they showed was LIVE, which means it was fully working.

KingME4982d ago

You're kidding right?

Every and I mean EVERY single PS3 exclusive that get's announced received massive hype from the fanboys on N4G. Suddenly when 360 fans have something to talk about you can't understand it.

Additionally, there is obviously something different hear that the damn eyetoy or perhaps sony would have done it. Stop hating. And stop being a hypocrit.

Drop the double standard.

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LiquifiedArt4983d ago

Loss of Tactile Feedback.
Big Red jump suits.
Well lit room.


KingKionic 4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

lol they wear red jumpsuits because it cant track there race....lmao

There in a well lit room right? I guess thats because its obviously not a late night show right?

lol you funny.

EDIT @ below...

lol...just compared home.

LiquifiedArt4983d ago

Its a FAIL because those are the important points everyone seems to be glossing over. Not to mention to actual implementation into REAL GAMES and not Shovelware wii-apps.

I think fanboys should take off the goggles and realize this is proably on a similar path as HOME was on. Unfortunate, but true.

ShabzS4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

good god panda its only been out for a week... natal hasnt even properly started yet ... give it a chance man

JOLLY14983d ago

I didn't know that Burnout was shovelware.

Arkham4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

"I didn't know that Burnout was shovelware."

It is when the controls respond as though you were steering with shovels instead of hands.

It's amazing technology, but it's still in its infancy as far as usability goes. It'll be vastly different in 2010/11 when it's released.

Jockamo4983d ago

anyone who uses FAIL is retarded.

JOLLY14983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

I guess you could use a shovel if you wanted. Heck you could use the wii-wheel if you wanted. You could even use the playstation ramrod if you wanted.

Jock, I see they are taking your bubbles again

The Master Chief4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

Liquid Fart crying in another Natal article = Natal is win.

Home never got any media attention or praise like Natal. Every said it looked like crap from the start and still do.

lol @ you comparing Sonys failures to Natal, an unfinished product.

da720izcumin4983d ago

natal won't be...
because ms knows how to market stuff...

4982d ago
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JasonPC360PS3Wii4983d ago

Jimmy Fallon had a great time with Natal and by the sounds of it he may have been able to take it home for the night... lucky bastard.

KingKionic 4983d ago

Yeah i heard Kudo say that.I had a sad expression

ShabzS4983d ago

i know!!... god damn celebrities

Ziriux4983d ago

You all just keep saying fail, like you're some peeps that know how stuff like this works. A company wouldn't try to release it if it failed.

Canidae4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

Virtual Boy
Laser discs
New Coke
Windows ME (shudders at the mere thought of that OS)
Crystal Pepsi
Apple Newton
Arch Deluxe

Point being it happens, despite the seemingly well though out idea. Ultimately only time will tell, but the history of similar devices is against Natal.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4983d ago

Well, Sony released the PS3 and its a failure.

ChampIDC4983d ago

I actually liked Crystal Pepsi =(

Pennywise4983d ago

Yea I guess you could call the PS3 a failure to people who are too broke to afford it. Keep flipping burgers and you'll get there guy.

Sarcasm4983d ago

"Well, Sony released the PS3 and its a failure. "

I didn't know Selling 22 million worldwide at $400-$600 is considered a failure.

What's selling 30 million at $199 plus a year headstart? Atomic Failure?

You and you're usual trolling. Go play some 360 games already. Oh wait, you have to wait until fall and then E3 of next year to find out what's coming out.

No Way4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

That was beyond lame, Sarcasm.. Haha.

rockleex4983d ago


Well BAM! There it is!

theox2g74983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

your failure is beyond description, I had no clue that the xbox 360 launched at $199 or that only the arcade model exists and that elite and premium either don't exist or are selling 0 units lol

Also, last i checked, it's all a matter of perspective, the most powerful and popular brand in gaming known as the playstation dominating the gaming scene for more than a decade with two consecutive massive victories over the competition, all that and with over 100 million + potential playstation install base to inherit, and it's still unable to outsell a console that had a failed predecessor, no credibility, slightly inferior tech specs and worst of all a faulty console lol, now that's what i call failure,

Price can never be an excuse, Value is a perception and that's all that matters, if more people are bypassing a well known brand, it's because they don't see the value in it or that they see better value in other things, How do you explain the higher priced iphones outselling every other phone then? or even the ipods? How do you think Apple will feel if their higher priced ipods start all of sudden being outsold by cheaper zunes and garbage mp3 players? When consumers see value and brand name, price is never an excuse,

cherrypie4982d ago


Wow, so much wrong in just one little post.

MS sells more Elite units than Arcade. The vast majority are the Pro.

EVERYONE knows this, why do you repeat the retarded "30 million at $199" stupidity? Are you that insecure about having bought the wrong console?

Just buy a Xbox 360, nothing is stoping you from correcting your mistake.

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i3eyond the Circle4983d ago

Go figure the first posts would be stupid ass fanboys.

Nice EyeToy vids btw to bad no one f<>cking uses it.

Good "tech" demo presentation on the Fallon show btw.

It's funny tho is how they take a screenshot of 1 inaccurate moment and dare not show any of the 1:1 moments.

Johnny Rotten4983d ago

The demo was interesting and there's nothing really wrong with comparing it to the eyetoy, they basically have the same goal in mind towards what they wanted to do with video games. Natal is just newer tech, nothing wrong with that is there?

i3eyond the Circle4983d ago

Nothing wrong with it at all...

But the audacity is aggravating.

It's almost like they think Natals dawning will resurrect the EyeToy.

Because EyeToy has a non existent success they expect Natal to meet the same fate.

But let me tell you the difference between the two.

The creators of Natal are actually supporting it. End Story.

All Time Greatness4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

They aren't even the same technology.

Natal uses 3D Depth technology, voice recogntion, facial/emotion recognition. Infrared tech so you can use it in the dark

It's just PS3 fanboys trying to credit Sony for Microsofts innovation.

Did you guys realize yet? Sony created everything in the Sony fanboys opinion. Sure don't hear them complaining about Sony absolutely ripping of the Wii-mote.

Microsoft is smart and chose to stand out and go a different direction from Wii. They should be happy Microsfot is being unique and doing new things(like Milo) and angry Sony is copying everyone else like usual.

Rainstorm814983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

is Ripping off of the Wii End of story. Sony and Microsoft is trying to cash in on the Wii's motion success. Until i see some hardcore games for either im skeptical. Personally I hope Microsoft and Sony makes the Wii an afterthought.

@ disagreers

So you honestly think Sony and Microsoft wouldve created these controllers for lack of a better word if the wii was a traditional console or if it wasnt the current leader in console sales??

doshey4983d ago

"Sure don't hear them complaining about Sony absolutely ripping of the Wii-mote."

i like sonys a lot better than the wiis, at least the look and the way it responds. yes it looks like the wiis controller in a way but who cares, the wiis controller is so damn un-accurate it can't even play the wii anymore.

pumpkinpunker4983d ago

Think of N4G as a camping trip and think of the Sony fanboys as Mosquitoes

No Way4983d ago

Lol. Sony's Wand looks like a butt plug! Haha.
Oh.. Oooh, I see your point, now!
Haha. I'm JusPlayin. :)

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