Microsoft changes its tune on Vista

Did the class-action lawsuit filed in Seattle last week prompt Microsoft to clarify what it means when it says a PC is "Vista Capable"?

The suit alleges Microsoft misled customers, because it authorized the Vista Capable label to be used on PCs that can't run features such as the 3-D "glass" interface.

Check out how Microsoft's language has changed...

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gta_cb4268d ago

im about to read the rest (from the link) ... it should be good haha, especially as i have used vista Ultimate.

gta_cb4268d ago

ok im back... i got fed up of reading it, as its boring. at the end of the day, if you want the "best" especially with the gaming, and windows live gaming, then i suggest you get a good computer and get Vista within the next year and a half. otherwise Windows XP does everything you need it for, oh and there are still lots of compatibility issues, which isnt good when you have to repurchase bits of software which hasnt/wont expire.

Dont get me wrong, i liked using Vista especially when it was soo... easy to stream stuff to my XBox 360. But i think im going to wait for the first SP to come out before i go back to it. all i can say is thank god for the 30 trail of vista instead of having to buy it straight away :D

notwithstanding4268d ago

Till about a year from now. So if it's imperative you buy a new computer don't forget to buy a copy of Windows XP! Cuz we all know that's a hell of a lot better then Vista should be.

They (MS) released it (Vista) way to early and they don't care.

Keyser4268d ago

That Third Reich picture with the MS logo on the flag is off the hook! LOL!!! I know they're dominating but Nazi's bay be pushing it a bit.