PlayStation 3 is best bet for the future - Kojima, Nomura

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and Square-Enix's Tetsuya Nomura both believe PlayStation 3 will be the best outlet for their games in two or three years' time.

Speaking in an interview with Japanese Ge-Maga, partly translated by IGN, Kojima, who has been a staunch supporter of PS3 since its unveiling in May 2005, compared the Sony console to a movie theatre - while Xbox 360 "is watching a DVD at home" and "Wii is a television program".

"If you think about the future of the industry and game creators, I get the feeling that the winner had better be the movie theatre," he said.

Nomura, meanwhile, was less flamboyant in his praise but backed Sony nonetheless.

"Thinking two to three years from now, the PS3 will be the most appropriate," he said. "We feel that when the games that we're making are released, the PS3 will be strong in the market."

But while both developers seem to be content with the Sony console, despite its apparent loss of momentum at E3, neither is entirely happy with Sony's announcements.

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THAMMER16367d ago

I get their point but the only thing that is time relevant is the blue ray drive. If the games suck there is not life for the console at all. So far the only game that says "You have to buy a PS3." Is...... is......Um......UH cant think of any.

FadeToBlack6367d ago

When will people stop kissing Sony's ass. I hate this talk about the PS3 being this biggest and greatest new thing and everything else sucks in comparison because its simply not true. They have becomes so full of themselves that they have other people brainwashed from their constant bantering on the same issues. The whole purpose of sony's developement was to push bluray technology to sell its future lineup of 1080p tv's and games are secondary period.

Aflac6367d ago

they haven't even tried developing for the 360. and yet theyr dumb enough not to realise that theres nothing that the ps3 can do that the 360 cannot do just as well if not slightly better.

OutLaw6367d ago

I agree with you, and whats sad is companies like Konami could benefit from the 360 instead of depending on the PS3. Also I feel that the Rumble Roses game for the 360 was pathetic. If they don't like the 360 then they should not bother to make for the 360, especially if they have no plans to push the system to its full potential.

Schmitty076367d ago

They bow to Sony and its power.

That's like asking the Bungie crew which console is better

bernie6367d ago

Now, from the same magazine....I give you this.


zypher6367d ago

well, obviously the article doesn't name names. but since the PS3 has gotten priase from all the major developers (Sega, Capcom, Namco, Konami, Squenix etc), it stand to reason that most of the developers who took this poll are the same developers who make all those weird, quirky, Japanese-geared games that Americans like to dog. so in a since, this poll shouldn't really matter to U.S. gamers.

ghostface6367d ago

they know which system is better. that why there betting on sony. i have a 360 i cant stand it.

FadeToBlack6367d ago

So many sony tools so little time..

zypher6367d ago

he's not a Sony tool. he's just a gamer with an opinion. if he's a Sony tool then it can be argued that you're a Microsoft tool

FadeToBlack6367d ago

I am also a nintendo tool ...

FadeToBlack6367d ago

At least MS and Nintendo use a little lubricant.....


maybe you should buy some decent games for your 360... what exactly do you expect from PS3 that 360 won't deliver? expense or betaray?

deepio6367d ago

#5. Do you mind enlightening us as to why you don't like your 360?

FadeToBlack6367d ago

Because it doesent have a nice shiney 4 letter label on it..

Alexander6367d ago

So whats your gamertag then??

Or even, how many numbers does the serial code contain on the back?

Answer those and prove you have one then, and that youre not just a troll.

FamoAmo6367d ago

In 3 years time MS will be announcing the release of the XBOX720!!! Sony 1080p is still 4-5 years away from any kind of sales impact... Same with blu ray..Blu Ray isn't going to win their will be a universal format... The PS3 is not the future!! In 3 years the xbox 720 will be the future!! Sony your 1 year delay is going to kick your a@@ more than you know!!! ALSO PS3 has the same graphics hopefuly!!! 360 Has and will always have the edge in graphics I guarantee....Not to mention the game line up for Sony is pathetic just [athetic...MS has all the killer games!!! Sony and Sony Fans are pathetic!!!!

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