Bungie hints at big announcement this week

This week's Bungie Weekly Update brings us talk of Halo 2, Halo 3, and a hint at some significant news coming this week. A Halo 3 vid doc will be coming down the pipeline in the near future. Most exciting is Frankie's hint about this week's news saying that there will be "Big changes coming. Big changes and big news. Next week is going to be significant".

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ANoobsJourney4268d ago

Tell us when the beta will be released please! We have all been waiting long enough!

highps34268d ago

Im no longer listening to this because its always something dumb and pointless.

Vfor54268d ago

huge announcement? let me guess, Master Chief will return for Halo 3.

GameJunkieJim4268d ago

I suspect the Beta date, or the matchmaking scheme.

Honeal2g4268d ago

Wats this soo called Banhammer

The BS Police4268d ago

Bungie uses the Banhammer to detect Modders and other forms of cheating so they can effectively ban cheaters in Matchmaking as quickly as possible.

GameJunkieJim4268d ago

That if you inspire the wrath of the developers by exploiting, modding, or any other method of cheating...

...they'll ban yer ass.

Boink4268d ago

if it's not regarding the halo 3 beta, I'm going to kill a baby chicken.

then MS and bungie can live with that on their conscience.


grifter0244268d ago

?? Why come in here and flame something you already made a opinion about.... Yes fable dog was a little weird but noone was expecting it.. Remember Konami's "Big Announcement" yaaa... Sooo you really shouldnt say anything.. Every Dev says their announcement are BIG... I mean you can see this is bad but the game is a AAA title and a lot of people are waiting for it.... I mean if Guerella said their going to have a big announcement this week you would be all over it... LOL.... The banhammer is for cheaters... Their Ip's get frozen and wont be able to play Matchmaking...

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The story is too old to be commented.