Loco Roco PS3 Now Dated?

Over at QJ are pretty elated with the possibility that Loco Roco will indeed be bouncing their way to Sony's lineup of PlayStation 3 games. And why not? After all, we have been imagining playing it with the SIXAXIS even before it came out on the PSP.


"And now, we just might be seeing some affirmative light shining our way regarding this particular speculation. PS3 Fanboy reports, via a tipster's -- er -- tip, that one of Sony's extranet trade sites have posted a release date for Loco Roco, setting the alleged date on June 23, 2007. The extranet site reportedly is for the Euro branch of Sony's PR.

But as we can't be too sure about it for now, we'll obviously have to tag this under rumor. Ooohhh, but we can't wait! We'll keep you posted on this for more. Just click on the thumbnail for more."

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