Are UK owners seeing green when playing DVDs?

The PlayStation 3 in PAL territories has a very difficult time playing any DVDs without giving the owners a big, fat green screen.

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MaximusPrime4262d ago

ive been using HDMI lead and have been watching DVD on PS3. No problem so far

Grown Folks Talk4262d ago

trying to watch bootlegs. = }

SmokeyMcBear4262d ago

haha seriously, maybe it could be region coding? I was reading some of the comments on the link, looks like its for really old standard TVs, something about not being able to switch from 50Hz to 60Hz, but it begs the question, why even buy a ps3 if you are using a 10 year old SDTV. I would just keep playing the PS2 until I got a new TV.

caffman4262d ago

that the ps3 didn't have region coding?

DiLeCtioN4262d ago

hmmm... well maybe so people dont know how to connect their ps3s to their televisions. so far not a pop up of green has appeared on my ps3

bigj4262d ago

Its normal everyone starts seeing green(xbox 360) after figuring out that the overpriced POS PS3 was not worth what they paid for it. Which it will probably be the only green they will see for a while after purchasing a overpriced piece of junk.

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The story is too old to be commented.