Japanese gamers want Final Fantasy XIII to go multiplatform

Japanese magazine Famitsu has released the results from their latest online poll, "What exclusive game would you like to go multiplatform?". Looks like Japanese gamers really want Final Fantasy XIII to make an appearance on both Wii and Xbox360; The game took the 3rd place at the poll with 196 votes:

"Final Fantasy XIII - Square Enix's flagship series is a PS3 exclusive, and there's nothing to suggest that would ever change, but fans point to the still relatively small market share of Sony's high-end machine and say that the title could be a much bigger hit if it sold on the Xbox 360. Still, Sony and its loyal fans say that the market share of the PS3 will grow significantly once the title hits the racks."

Another Square Enix title that is featured in the poll is Dragon Quest IX that took the 4th place with 47 votes; Looks like people don't like the idea that the game is a Nintendo DS exclusive!

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Bigmac5734264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

I dont know if its possible, unless you want downgraded graphics. (I wasn't talking about PS3 and 360, they can have the same graphics, but 360 userbase in Japan is lacking)

BBsin4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

needs to check his/her info, b/c it's not... as a matter of fact it's doing WORST than the first xbox.

xfrgtr4264d ago

why do the japanese want games to go multiplatform onto the 360 - thought no one bought it

soul4264d ago

Not really, the console is selling quite well.

MissAubrey4264d ago

with its Exclusive support and Blue Dragon Anime

Bigmac5734264d ago

They were referring to Wii. 360 is dead in japan.

MissAubrey4264d ago

Cause you claim that the 360 is dead in japan (which it's not) and HD DVD is dead period (again which it's not) get your facts straight dumbass before you make these idiotic claims. where's your proof?!? ok then, shut the hell up!

Husso4263d ago

196 people want that .. about the sales of the 360 in japan LOL.

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overrated4264d ago

Soul it is selling shyte. Anyway who cares about if FF goes multi platform its not the end of the world. ITs a game deal with it.

Azza4264d ago

I don't want any big game to go multiplatform at release,

as it means no version of the game will be optimized for any platform, (which would be the one Id get) therefore will not get the best version of the gam e that can be.

Eg oblivion; as it was Xbox etc first it means that it was awesome on the box, now its coming to Ps3 (and they have done a proper job) it means it will be just as good (therefore im not against a proper conversion) how do you optimized a game and make it the best it can b?

Forgive my grammar spelling, Ive hada few

Premonition4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

I doubt japanese would want it to go on the 360, for one I dont know if this magazine got their facts straight but last I checked PS3 sales > 360's and Wii> all so if it were to go multi it would most likely go to Wii, and one thing that wont make it go multi with the wii is the size alone going into FFXIII and them using the cell for everything in this game, a port wouldnt work at all, unless they scarfice alot of stuff in the game.

techie4264d ago

FF will be on the 360 in some form or another...of course it will. DOubt it'd be the same titles as the ps3 though.