Nvidia after ATI acquisition by AMD interview

Have you ever wondered how AMD's ATI acquisition and the battle for the mainstream customer in the CPU and GPU markets would impact Nvidia? did and spent some time with the company to learn about how the company perceives its challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing graphics market. Will Nvidia be squeezed out of the GPU market or grow even stronger than it is today?

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PS360PCROCKS4267d ago

Interesting they lost so much money you would think they would be getting some sore of royalties from the sales of 360's unless it was a one time payment thing...I never knew they were doing so bad tho

highps34267d ago

Nvidia has already won the peformace to price ratio.

By the time ATI releases its 1st rounds nvidia will be getting ready for the next round..

Ati screwed up by spending so much time on the 360 gpu. They made the console 1% better but wound up losing complete PC domination...

Kinda funny... Will be a long time before ATI is on top like they were.

I truthfully doubt anything is going to beat an 8800 and a core 2 in price to performance battle. Not to mention SLI is still A LOT better than crossfire. ATI's power requirements are insane to boot.

zonetrooper54267d ago

It all depends on ATI's new card coming out, called R600. Nivida are good and i'm getting a Geforce 7950GT OC 512mb PCI-E this Thursday, yes its a DirectX9 card but i don't want Vista or DirectX10 just yet.

The best processor at the moment to buy is a Intel Dual Core (Conore) i think its called. Though i may wait a little while, save up some money and buy a Quad Core processor with a decent graphics card, a big hard drive, at least 1GB memory and an alright looking case.

DJ4267d ago

I think the chip Zonetrooper is referring to is 'Conroe'. I prefer nVidia GPUs, mostly because nVidia pushes for OpenGL, and my graphics program is OpenGL-based. My laptop has an integrated ATI card, and basically crashes Lightwave anytime I do expression animations; my desktop on the other hand has an nVidia card and runs Lightwave without a hitch. I actually didn't realize it was an ATI issue until Microsoft notified me. (Thanks, Microsoft!)*

I actually don't want either GPU company to disappear since they really do keep each other on their toes. But know I understand why nVidia turned down offers to make GPUs for consoles platforms besides the PS3: they knew that they would be spread too thin, and focusing on one console gave them a lot of advantages.