Xbox 360 Could Save PS3 From Decimating Game Developers writes. "You're probably already misconstrued regarding the aim of this article. But let me key you in on a very obvious fact: The video game industry would've died real fast, if the PlayStation 3 pocketed the majority of third-party developers, exclusively. That's why the Xbox 360 is the perfect savior for what could have been a disastrous "next-generation".

Marks of the video game industry know flat-out that third-party exclusivity is a surefire way to differentiate one platform from the next. Said exclusivity really reached a peak during the Xbox/Gamecube/PS2 era with games and series like The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, Square's RPG library for the PS2, or THQ's Smackdown Vs. Raw series. But that's back when games – on a financial average – weren't reaching the $10 million mark, with the exception of Halo 2's movie-like budget of $20 million buckaroonies."

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THAMMER14307d ago

This confirms some points I have been trying to make. Dev. need to make the CASH back. We need to buy the consoles to make their plan to make money back make since. If your user base is too small to support the budget of the game they are almost forced into going multi platform.

The article says Sony needs to sell 5 million consoles in the U.S. buy Nov. for publishers and developers to see a market that support the budget for the titles they are putting together. Sounds strait up to me.

AuburnTiger4307d ago

"This confirms some points I have been trying to make. Dev. need to make the CASH back."

2 words,

No Sh!t

GaMr-4307d ago

Nice Article.... Its about as obvious as saying The Xbox360 having a 1 year headstart and a lower price tag has managed to sell more consoles than the late and expensive PS3 console. This being said game developers will make more money from 13 million combined owners of both consoles or even 10 million (xbox360 alone) rather than 3 million PS3 owners. BRAVO ...BRAVO....

Who's the author of this.. Captain Obvious I suppose. By a show of votes... Who didnt know Xbox's 1 year jump and being launched in all countries first would give it a larger install base. Also that next-gen games cost way more to dev than last gen games.

I guess the obvious is not so obvious to some people. I think im going to write an article. Title it.

"When you drive your car it burns Gasoline"

weekapaugh4307d ago

At the end of the article he also talks about President Lincoln being shot and men landing on the moon.

TR0N4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

You dont realize the real truth,the real truth is that if microsoft would have never created a next-gen console neither would have sony because sony was doing super well with the ps2 so why would they want to kill their cashcow. As a matter of fact the only real reason why new generation consoles are created in the first place is because some threat like competition arises. If monopolies were legal we'd probably still have the atari 2600. Dont forget that at the end of the day video games are just a business like everything else except love and war and i could be wrong about war.

It pays to be cynical sometimes, it makes you smart.

THAMMER14307d ago

What are you talking about? I'm lost dude.

TR0N4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

My point is that this article is pointless. just goes to show that im no fanboy even though i preffer the 360

techie4307d ago

I think that what he's trying to say that if the xbox hadn't come out last generation and there weren't plans for an xbox360, Sony would have brought out the ps3 in was planned. But they were forced to move a little quicker.

TR0N4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

Im even more cynical than that , im saying that if monopolies were legalized after the ps2 and this industry would belong to sony we would have maybe even never seen the ps3. And the same thing if it was nintendo or microsoft that "owned" the industry. ever heard? "if it aint broke dont fix it" If they are making money with this generation and everybody is happy with the games why should they make a new console unless there is competition? Get it? What do you actually think that any of the companies make new consoles because they care about us?

techie4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

How about pressure from gamers to have bigger and better. Gamers get bored pretty easily...I know the ps2 would have lasted another two years...but beyond that it would die a death as gamers would not see any progress. PC graphics also move the lead for console graphics. And not forgetting the developers. If an upmarket console can be made, and developers can make better graphics...they'll want to be creative and do that...they saw the end of the ps2 really.

Gamers, Developers creativity, I think it all counts. Of course competition makes the market move a lot faster...

TR0N4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

the ps2 was created because competition existed in the form of nintendo and sega(edited)~~~> and also pc.

somebody hit the plus sign next to my bubbles please.

in reply to the comment from kewlkat007 VVVVVdown there: sony too stuck its nose in this industry when sega "owned" it and so did sega when nintendo did and so did nintendo when whoever was before them did, thats competition for ya.

to 3.7
conserning the existance of possible threats from newcomers to the industry, that may be so but i doesnt change the fact that new consoles are created because of that threat and not because these companies actually care about us. they care about our cash not us thats why they have to make sure they make good products like xbox360 and ps3. More comments added to comment #4

techie4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

Also you have to realise (as I'm sure you do anyway) that if a market becomes stale then another company sees a possibility to enter and take control. This is the case with the ps1 that introduced 3d graphics on a console. The console market had become increasingly repetitive and wasn't moving very far and so Sony saw the possibilities of taking a market share.

Since this is the case the leading console maker has to stay ahead and move with the times. If they just lie on their laurels and their console generally doesn't move beyond 10 years of innovation, where technology is increasingly more powerful on a year by year basis...then a competitor will arise as if by default in order to take control. Therefore, a company will inevitably create a more powerful console in order to keep control of the market.

The ps3 would have been made even without competitors, as the prospect of competitors taking advantage is ever present. Of course the cycle would not be as swift as it is now, especially with eager beavers like Microsoft...

(ps. clicked on your bubbles...though to reply just edit your post again...I shall read it :)

theagony4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

ps1 and ps2 was created to compete with pc gaming, those machines were always meant to target home computer game business, nintendo or sega was never a competitor to sony.
Even there was no x360 brand out, ps3 would still come out arround this time of the ps2 life cycle, because of the developing pc gaming tech.

Blasphemy4307d ago

You guys don't know what your talking about. PS3 starting development right after PS2 had been finalized.

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TR0N4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

To GaMr

And trust me i'm not [email protected] as a matter of fact im asking you this cause im so [email protected] ,change your avatar, when i want to see porn i go to nude chicks sites (i do it plenty), your avatar is distracting every time i see it , it makes me want to go back to the those sites. (smiles)

reply to 3.7
the genesis already had 3d graphics, very crappy ones but 3d non the less, so sony made them look better with the ps1 big deal, thats what next-gens are supposed to do, make graphics better.

reply to 4.1
gamers getting bored because they see technology improving elsewhere IS competition. So we are in agreement. oh by the way thanks for hitting the plus button although i just realized that i know a way to increase my bubbles myself but i wont reveal it out of respect for the admins of this place.

techie4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

Well indeed. But remember the reason a market goes stale is because Gamers ge bored of it and see technology improving elsewhere and not on consoles. This means the consoles no longer sell...and so the company needs to rethink and reproduce.

Consumers buy consoles...there's no competition in a market without consumers. So it's a mix of everything. But still the market would keep on moving even without competition, but just the prospect of competition.

lol not because of competition...just because of the moving rate of technology. Ok competition from the PC market would still make a console improve, but that's not console competition.

InMyOpinion4306d ago

<--- I've got the antidote if you get hypnotized.

Funky Town_TX4306d ago

competition keeps it going. Deep is right also. 4 years are it for me. I change to a new console every 4 years or less. I also change console makers. Got a 360 in 05 so in 2010 I will be looking for something new. Sorry guys but I like to move foward.

Ban Me4307d ago

I thought it was a decent article.

It didnt seem biased towards one or the other, which to be honest is something of a rarity these days!