Ubi urges PS3 price drop in 2007

Ubisoft sees a bright future for the next gen over in the US, with the company predicting that next-gen systems will fly off the shelves over the next couple of years and its market forecast for 2008 saying that nearly 40 million consoles will be shifted in the US during that year.

However, speaking to financial site Bloomberg, company president Yves Guillemot predicted that, while demand for the PS3 in the US this year will be exceptionally high due to gamers' expectations, Sony should rapidly drop its PS3 price in 2007 if it intends to win the fight against Microsoft.

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no one like the cost, it is looking to be the archilles heel of the PS3. cost-reduction isn't going to be advanced enough for a drop in 2007- sony are still losing significant money on each PS3 they sell for $600!

people were alarmed at the 360's $400, $600 just seems too much for a mass-market gaming device.

TitanXX5808d ago

600 dollars is not suitable, maybe at lauch because of all the hardcore gamers Sony has they can get atleast 6 million easy by the middle of 2007, then when their is no more shortages then you could have a problem with that 600 dollar price tag. THey better drop it if they even want to stand a chance i mean not to say they will fail with the 600 price it is just that 2007 is a important year in war, the BIG games are coming out that year and that is probably were the winner will be decided or the leader. It all depends. If sony is smart like they used to be they will drop the price around 100 or 200. I say 499 is not that bad, 399 is flat-out going to kill their competition sales. They need to drop it in 2007 to get me.

Marriot VP5808d ago

this is great advice but the price drop would only screw Sony's hardware loss even more than 400 per console. Yah right, the only way they could even break even is if blu-ray wins. Which is still very foggy and could change directions like the wind.

PS360PCROCKS5808d ago

So true so true...their wont be a price drop before 2008

TMoney5807d ago

If we see a price drop as early as 2007, you can bet Sony is acting out of a growing desperation to compete. Early adopters will easily grab the initial launch units, but we all know that the average consumer will respond to the $600+ price tag, and the lack of any really compelling technology to justify the cost, by walking away. Sure you can argue that the Blue Ray drive and HDMI support is enough reason to justify the price. But I'm talking about the AVERAGE consumer, who does not own a 60" HD set supporting 1080p. Can all the Sony fanboys get their collective heads out of their a$$'s and admit that the majority of American and European consumers do not (and will not) have the necessary hardware to take advantage of two of big selling points for the PS3?