Gears of War 'Annex' Video and Hands On provide an exclusive hands on and details of the new Annex mode and show the video of the new multiplayer game mode in action.

This new game type follows the basic model of capturing and holding control points to score points. When a team captures one, they start scoring those points, one per second. Once that clock starts ticking, it doesn't stop until all the points drain from that site.

They conclude that getting down the nuances of working together as a team, determining your tactics, and all the while watching the clock tick down on the current scoring site makes the mode pretty intense.

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JPomper4268d ago

It looks like every other round of GoW I've ever played.

BOOSTIN4268d ago

why would you expect it to look different? its just a new game mode. does warzone LOOK different than excecution or assasination? NOPE

JPomper4267d ago

As in the objective is simply to kill everybody else before they kill you. It doesn't look like it takes any different tactics or ANYTHING than what we've been doing since the game came out. People will still be rushing around with shotguns.

Contra264267d ago

shoot... massive killing...
this is such a guy game...

bring out the shotguns.

Neutral Gamer4267d ago

Guy games are the way, I mean that's what the vast majority of us gamers on the 360 and N4G are, red blooded males.

From when I first played the original Doom in the 90's all the way through the Unreal and Quake series these games have never got me bored, it may be similar gameplay each time, but it's still a hell of a lot of fun!

Yeah, I love playing on the Wii with my sister and family but give me Gears, Halo, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Resistance et al when playing with my mates!

BoneMagnus4267d ago

This is my favorite game mode, so I'm excited.

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The story is too old to be commented.