How much would you pay for Gears of War add-on maps?

Destructoid wants to know how much your willing to fork over for the new maps of GoW since the release from Epic has stated that "So what we've agreed to do is to put these maps on sale at a reasonable price then make them free a few months later. They did this with the original Halo 2 map pack and it was a huge success. Lots of people bought the maps and lots of people downloaded them when they became free." What do you think a fair price is?

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power of Green 4269d ago

WTF are Add-on maps?, Map packs like the ones that release for GoW and RFOM are not called add-on maps their downloadable content called Map DLs/PACKS... Adding Value to the games you buy when ever the devs have time enough to develope them if their kind enough Are called MAP PACKS atleast for the 360 they are. I think its great if we get new maps/tracks and modes for games like Foza 2 and MotorStorm down the road. Map Add-ons? lol Future custimization DLs for games etc add-ons ?.

power of Green 4269d ago

Why would a 360/GoW fan call DLC; Map-add-ons?

Evil Rant Monkey4269d ago

flamer. u didn't even answer buddies question GoWtard

dantesparda4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Who cares what they call it? damn! everything bothers you, eh?

SmokeyMcBear4269d ago

so how much are map packs worth to you as an online player of gears of war?

DG4269d ago

2 Bucks! or a dollar per map.

T-Virus4269d ago

1,200 MS points for every 3 maps.

BlackCountryBob4269d ago

1200, try taking off a thousand points and then we are talking about something reasonable but my personal feeling is it should be free, 2 maps were already released for free so in my opinion a precedent has been set so to charge for any future content is wrong.

My opinion on the future of this sort of debate is that people who buy the collectors edition of a game should get all future downloads free for that game while the people who buy the standard edition need to pay for the content they want. What does everyone else think of this?

dantesparda4269d ago

Actually, i gotta say, thats not a bad idea. Nice one ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.