Rumor: Loco Roco Coming To PS3

Kotakuite Spence sends in this interesting tidbit about the possibility of Loco Roco coming to the PS3. It seems that during Phil Harrison's keynote speech at this year's GDC, an eagle eyed NeoGAF forum poster noticed a Loco Roco achievement trophy within the Home demonstration.

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Bathyj4268d ago

I've always wanted this game, but dont have a PSP. After playing Flow and Rub a Dub (which are both great fun and great examples of what the 6ax can do BTW)Loco Roco would be great on PS3 and its the perfect showcase for downloadable content. Cant come soon enough.

Raist4268d ago

Harrison said a long time ago we would see more loco roco coming soon, so that's not really news.

RAM MAGNUMS4268d ago

LOL! and you guys say the wii is immature. I rather play stupid games like that on or cartoon lol

techie4268d ago

Shut up RAM. I want it too. It's nice to have a mix of both.

Raist4267d ago

Don't pay attention to him. He prolly only like games with big macho men in american footballish armors, so he can have some hmm... pleasure :o

SmokeyMcBear4267d ago

Diversity in gaming? Something for everyone? What a concept