Patcher: PSP Won't Catch Up To DS, But It Doesn't Need To

Big shot analyst Michael Patcher has revealed that he believes the PSP does not need to catch up to the DS. He believes that it was expected for the DS to sell a lot more than the PSP due to its loyal fanbase and lower price. As Patcher puts it, there are more Fords out there than Maseratis.

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Neutral Gamer4269d ago

"As Patcher puts it, there are more Fords out there than Maseratis."

I know that the PSP is a lot more powerful but there's a MASSIVE difference between a Ford and a Maserati (unless he was talking about the Ford GT, that's a whole different story!).

The DS looks cool and has a lot of features (eg. Touch Screen, Microphone, Wi-Fi, optional Web Browser) for the money. Personally I think we should upgrade the DS's standing to a BMW 3-Series at least!

In the end though they're both great devices aimed at different audiences. Is it fair to compare them in the first place?

Armyless4269d ago


The only thing these game machines have in common is that they're portable.

sajj3164269d ago

He was using the the car analogy to illustrate price points. Ford Focus ... not the Ford GT.

Close_Second4269d ago

...when I owned one was that you could not legally compress movies to play back in the native resolution of the screen. This made movies either really small to watch or made them look like VCD quality when you stretched it to fit. However, sounds like the latest bios release addresses this.

Now, if they added an internal 40Gig HDD then I'd consider getting another one...

Robotz Rule4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

God Of War,Devil May Cry,Silent Hill,Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas along with Final Fantasy I and II and not to mention Gran Turismo all on the go,I'm sure happy of owning me a PSP:):):):):)

So,in conclusion the DS suits players of younger ages the most,and the PSP suits players of older ages the most,no need to compare which is better,but which one is suitible for who and what!

And sidar,I never said the DS only suits younger ages only,I said the most!,I know the DS is for everyone,I own one too!,so quit acting like a little smarta*s with me and accept the facts!

ChickeyCantor4269d ago

"So,in conclusion the DS suits players of younger ages the most"
is for everyone.

HuntingYou4269d ago

the duel screen i thought it was [email protected] If i didn't think the company would let it go to their head, it would be cool to just a one handheld, so you can get all the games on it. I mean its not like the consoles.
I mean when i was younger I only knew of gameboy. I don't even know if there was anything else. I use to play on the bus to and from school till about 8th grade. the i use to walk to highscool but i use to play it in my free period, till i broke my junior year.never bought a handheld after that. although the only thing i really played on their was tetrus

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The story is too old to be commented.