The Escapist, Zero Punctuation: Reviews inFamous

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews inFamous

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KionicWarlord2224485d ago


" when you make electrictiy into lighting manacles it doesn make sense. Even when the super friends did it."

Classic joke.

lol when he was talking about moral decisions coke and pepsi was on the tv.

yahtzee is funny all the time.

damn...that part with hitler poster was funny and messed up at the same time.

that last joke was the best.

chrisnick4485d ago

he said the game "jostled his flaps"

ReaperXL74485d ago

I was actually surpised when he admitted that he really likes Infamous, he rarely admits to liking anything with the exception of a handful of games he's reviewed.

Than again it's not really that surprising considering how good Infamous really is. I just hope other devs that make superhero games follow suit and start making more good superhero games instead of movie tie in garbage.

Cajun Chicken4485d ago

Whoa, I'd better get completing all of Infamous so I can watch this.

sugatmahanti4484d ago

"all very well but how does he jerk off"
haha priceless..

and he liked it :O