New Crysis Image

New Crysis image from the front cover of GameReactor magazine. Enjoy!

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Robotz Rule4268d ago

Looks like Master Chief has some competition huh?

Damn!,Crysis is only coming out for the PC,I own a Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and absolutely hate PC gaming!.I think I should start an online petition stating "make Crysis a multiplatform game"!.(sarcasm)

Still looks good though!!!

ASSASSYN 36o4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

I like PC gaming but prefer consoles so I agree with you. This game needs to be made for consoles. He is wearing a exoskelton that mimics the actions of muscles. Note the design of the suit it could enhance a humans strength 10 fold. Why did I say that? Because the U.S. has been working on augmentation system that can be intergrated on a human body to enhance performance.

AppleSlime4268d ago

but i'd have to sell my ps3, all my games, my guitars, and still put in some overtime to have enough cash to upgrade my computer for this game.

ASSASSYN 36o4268d ago

Sell your ps3 that might help.

The_Firestarter4268d ago

This game is gonna be hot! I'm getting this the day it comes out. LONG LIVE PC GAMING!!!

Premonition4268d ago

he looks like a deformed version of spawn

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