Mark Rein: Annex Issues 'Blown Out Of Proportion'

Mark Rein has today responded to the Gears Of War dlc content issues (over at gearsforums), and seems to think that the arguments have all been 'blown out of proportion'.


"Here is a response to a thread over at EvilAvatar that I posted this morning. You can download the podcast at - this is the April 6th edition. The interview with Epic CEO and founder, Tim Sweeney, and myself starts a little bit after 38 minutes into the podcast.


I think you guys are blowing this up into something bigger than it is. Please listen to the entire podcast before jumping to conclusions.

What we have here is simply a difference of opinion on how to maximize the return on Gears of War - something both Epic and Microsoft want to do. While we create products like Gears because we love games, and we have a passion for making them, at the end of the day this is a business for both companies and how we earn our living."

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Ru4266d ago

That Sux!
So its official then?
There gonna charge for the new GoW content!
They really need to keep rumors about free content locked down, Cause this is bad PR for MS and Epic.
I dont think people like being Teased with freebies :(

Neutral Gamer4266d ago

Yeah mate, we heard it straight from the horse's mouth:

"...this is a business for both companies and how we earn our living."

Pretty sad though! :(

Lyberator4266d ago

read the whole thing. their only going to cost you for a few months and then theyll be free. sounds fair to me.

Neutral Gamer4266d ago

Ha, I read the first couple and last couple of paragraphs of Mark Rein's forum response, obviously missing out the juicy stuff, my bad!

Looks like they're going for the Halo 2 approach, that's cool with me, me and my cousin waited several months for the new Halo maps when they were first released and we can do the same thing again, although there will be that temptation if everybody else DOES buy it ...

Lyberator4266d ago

Yeh ill buy em as long as their resonably priced. Hope annex is as good as everyone says it is too.

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Robotz Rule4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Those Gears Of War legos look tight!

Neutral Gamer4266d ago

Considering how (surprisingly) good Lego Star Wars was surely a Lego Gears of Wars would be pretty sweet!

Hell, put the word "Lego" in front of any title and it'll be a good game!

PSN Starfleets4266d ago

Those who refuse to pay for the additional content will be isolated due to the amount of servers playing with the new maps.

Same thing happened with GRAW1.

This is BS.

We want them free. I hope they sales are poor for this content.

Close_Second4266d ago

I have no problem with the maps costing extra as lets face it, it is extra content which I doubt was free to produce. Bug fixes, patches are still free as I would expect. If you think you're going to get isolated then buy the maps - its as simple as that.

Sick of whiny kids always wanting something for nothing and if they don't get it for nothing then they feel disadvantaged.

Caxtus7504265d ago

somebody seems insecure eh? lol!


....fair is fair......majority get new maps? majority wants to play them online...majority wins

Skynetone4266d ago

you want to pay for content that should have been included in the first place

just remember people its just business {BAD BUSINESS}

Close_Second4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

You make it sound as though GOW was rushed or had only been in development for several months. GOW was finished when it was released and now the developers are building on its success by releasing additional content. So, they want to make a little extra money by releasing more content so what, this is business not 'lets keep the whiny kids happy with another free giveaway'. Consider this, do you think GOW would have been any less successful without the two extra (free) maps that have been released so far? I doubt if this game was "half finished" as you claim that it would have been half as successful - critically or commercially.

Next time you're sitting there looking at your half empty glass of soda, why not look at it from the point of view that its still half full!!!

BoneMagnus4266d ago

Very generous in my opinion. I'd be willing to pay for it.

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