360 Elite lands in the UK

Microsoft brings its new weighty hub to London.

Microsoft has been showing off its latest addition to the Xbox family, the 360 Elite. The new console, packing HDMI and 120GB of memory in a neat black body, is aiming to square up to PS3 and become an 'amplifier' for all your movies and tunes, not to mention games.

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OilerFan234264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Microsoft says our other 2 versions were crap so pick up this version. Thanks consumer or should i say 3 blind mice. Microsoft validates sony's ideaology, lets see how it stacks up. How many more versions of the 360 are to come, the next one will actuallly be next generation( built in wifi,hard drive, hd-dvd drive...)

Marriot VP4264d ago

wow, since when did MS gear this one for everybody. Go bury your head in the sand somewhere.

I'm pretty sure it's sony isolating their demographic

OilerFan234264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

so you seriously would like to see umpteen different variations of each console. Good move sony offers bare, and amped up, microsoft 20 gig hdd, no hdd, 120 hdd, gee way to offer more features, we don't justify hdmi, oh wait people seem to appreciate a single cable for digital audio and video, oh wait now it is justified. Good work

Close_Second4263d ago

...a single cable for audio and video. Means you have to then take output from your TV to your amp. Who the hell runs audio through their TV for anything nowadays!

DJ4263d ago

The PS3 has an Optical Port, which means you can have HDMI video AND high quality audio directly plugged into your sound system. Pretty sweet, huh?

BigE4264d ago

Microsoft is obviously trying to compete with sony.
But the simple fact is APART from the 60gb extra HD space, (**Sony's HDD are swappable with most 2.5in Laptop HD's, Microsoft offers only 20GB & the new 120GB), Microsofts XBOX360 STILL doesnt have WiFi.. OR a built in HD Player.

No fanboyism. Just Stating Facts

shotty4263d ago

Why does it have to be built in, its not a laptop that you carry around. Most people dont carry for HD-DVD/Blu-ray, and Wi-Fi is convinient but it does have its downside (slower transfer rate and tendency to cut out).

NextGen24Gamer4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

HD-DVD / Blu Ray..... Not needed for Next Gen Games. Thus being an option if you choose it.

Wi-Fi....Not needed for Next Gen Games or online play....Thus being an option if you choose it.

Hard Drive....Not needed for Next Gen Games...thus being an option for those who choose it.

You see it makes no sense to price your console 200 dollars more and 400 dollars out of reach for Casual Gamers.... just to add wi fi and next gen movie playback. Those two features only effect 5% of your buyers....but the High price effects 100% of your buyers. So, you can support Sony's decision and feel good about it....If you just so happen to be in that 5% consumer base....But what about the 95% of consumers that "have no choice" but to pay for features they "WILL NEVER USE". HDMI isn't a standard by any means....Wi fi is the most widely "NOT USED" feature in the ps3. Every Gamer knows that a wired connection is always better for online games than wi fi. Its really not that complicated. With the 360....You buy the features you want to "USE". I believe it was a master stroke by MS in that regards. And Sony fans just "Hate it with a passion".

OilerFan234264d ago

i am not a sony troll, i just appreciate the fact that i have built in options, i enjoy playing my friends 360, and i also like my ps3 and cant get a wii here in Canada just like anywehre else i imagine. So all i am saying is why so many options and why not have them built in. I never said it was for everybody. No console is built for everybody. WOW.

BIadestarX4264d ago

"i am not a sony troll, i just appreciate the fact that i have built in options" well.. some of us prefer not having to pay for things in advance.. i.e. having builin hd-dvd and having to pay $200+ (for an non-stablished format that is not needed for games) or $50-$100 for a wireless adapter when I prefer wired (better performance).

As you can see you people like different things.. you like you $h!t yellow other like their $h!t green.

You like paying in advance and feel as you are future proofing yourself, and don't mind paying for a console that you have faith will have great games, great internet service, that may have the format that may win and don't mind paying in advance than pick the PS3 else XBox 360 and if you have the money get both.

Caxtus7504264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

hmm well i think the casual gamer who hasnt a clue (the majority alas) will see the two:

Games Machine with Removble HDD that i can awap:
Games MAchine that I have to keep the same:

Its just another "Feature" that MS can use. (possibly, only a theory)

Vavoom4263d ago

If they are built in, then they are NOT options as you stated. You don't have a choice (BECAUSE IT'S BUILT-IN). So, if it's Actual options that you were seeking, then you would have bought the 360. Nice try, but based on you previous posts, YOU ARE A FANBOY!

But, to be fair, maybe you meant FEATURES and not OPTIONS.

ACE4263d ago

i just pre orderd my one cant wait .

as for the haters , look ms r not forcing stuff at the xbox fans unlike sony , now sony need to force there blue ray on to people cos they r in trouble cash wise this is fact and if blue ray flops then so will sony .

as for it dosnt have wifi lol so what , my wireless router is wired to my 360 with a 2m cable and wireless to my pc , another fact wired is better for online gaming . wifi yeah what.... ever

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