Xbox 360 gets keyboard controller

While Microsoft's Xbox 360 Spring Update will integrate Windows Live Messenger into the system's dashboard for cross-platform chatting, the machine's text-window interface for standard control pads makes lengthy conversations a chore.

To ease the task of typing in messages without the aid of a full-sized keyboard, Microsoft today announced a new text input device for the Xbox 360 controller. The attachment snaps onto the bottom of the controller through the headset jack and features a QWERTY-style key layout with 47 keys.

The keyboard attachment has not been priced or even named yet, but it is expected to see release this summer.


It appears that Gamespot has now pulled the story.

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2tired2day2hate4267d ago

does anybody know what the deal is with being able to use usb keyboards? i've heard that but i never knew if it was true.

God of Gaming4266d ago

I use a USB keyboard every day with my 360, in fact its a wireless keyboard. Works great for messaging.

Deafman4204267d ago

Been using a usb keyboard for text msgs since day 1

BIadestarX4267d ago

YES! I was looking forward to this. This will be great for MMO and for games where voip does not make sense. When Sony fanboys heard the rumor that microsoft was going to integrate MSN to xbox live this was the first thing they were flaming... Now tell me, which one is better this or a usb keyboard?

Anyways.. I am sure fanboys will find something negative to say about this.

Annihilator4267d ago

Well, since 360 don't have blue-tooth I can only dream...

BIadestarX4266d ago

You are just a hater. You very well know.. when you are playing a shooter or an MMO using your Controller, the last thing you would do is drop your control, grap your keyboard, look down, type what you need to write... ohh look you just got killed.
Here is a good point... you are read? Only on XBOX 360!... how you like them apples?

Bathyj4266d ago

You only did it so someone would respond and then you can flame them back and call them names.

To the controller, it looks cool, but it might be to small for me I think. Holding a controller in my hand and looking at the pic, the keys must be tiny, to the point some might even need a stylus to type with it. Also seems uncomfortable (to me) since you cant wrap you fingers right around the grip parts where your ring and pinky fingers go.

Like I said, cool idea but maybe a bit impractical. I dont see any problems with just having a bluetooth keyboard sitting besides you. Its a lot quicker to just type one handed on a full size keyboard sitting on the counch next to you, then it would be trying to type (most likely one handed as you have to hold it) on this thing.

Boink4266d ago

then how does the wireless headset also function as an earpiece for cell phones with bluetooth?

Thugbot1874266d ago

I don't see any advantage bluetooth is going to give my 360. We have a wireless headset and now they are giving us a keypad. If anything the xbox needs is a mouse for RTS.

Adriokor4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Don't call people fanboys you are one...

And if you make an argument that while playing fps you won't have time to grab a keyboard for typing, do you really have time to write a sentence on that little keyboard IN FPS?

If anything you should play FPS with a keyboard and a mouse lol.

Bluetooth is usefull if you want a wireless keyboard and mouse (to sit far away from the tv or...) to play your "RTS" which isnt even made for the consoles expect Halo Wars as most people don't use the combo.

On topic: Neat idea for people who don't use a keyboard with their xbox.

GameJunkieJim4266d ago

I use a Logitech Wireless keyboard that works just fine. I even have a useless mouse that came with it.

Trickedbullet4266d ago

Halo Wars is not the only RTS for consoles. Xbox 360 has that Lord of the Rings RTS game BFME2, Halo wars eventually and the new Command and Conquer 3 game, all RTs games. I believe that the mouse/keyboard combo is great for fps games, but should not be allowed for FPS games. A mouse/keyboard would be great for the RTS games as it just is way easier to click on your units. This is made even easier because many rts games are starting to get rid of building individual units in favor of building groups of units at a time. So, unlike Age of Empires, Empire Earth, C&C, Starcraft, Warcraft, and so on, you build groups of men at a time like in Starwars:Empire at war, or Battle for Middle Earth 2.

Anyway, While I do prefer the mouse/keyboard for FPS games, I think it is far easier for a new player to use a gamepad and makes it much more even. I mean, if an experienced FPS fan can own people with the mouse, then why does the said FPS fan have trouble with the gamepad that has some auto aim features making aiming even easier?

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ChefDejon4267d ago

i think its really equal cause either way ur goign to have to pause what ur doing to type but now you dont have to let go of your controller and this contoller jeyboard is goign to be a lil slower to type on.