Hands-on Spider-Man 3 for Wii

If you think Spider-Man 3 for Wii is a quick and dirty port of the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 game of the same name, you've got it all wrong. What most people don't realize - not even die-hard Nintendo fans - is that software house Vicarious Visions has designed the Wii build totally separately from the others and it is more or less a ground-up project complete with original content, unique controls, and individual mission structures. In short, it's different and it actually has been tailor-made for Wii. The question is, does that make it any good?

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snoop_dizzle4268d ago

From the sounds of it the controls might be pretty good for this game. Since the Wii has a way different control sceme, it can either make or break a game. Since the Wii has an unconventional controller, it can make games frustrating if the controls arent right, like red steel for example. Hopefully the Wii-mote will be alot easier to use in upcoming games, unlike some before. As for graphics, oh well thats not their goal, even though they should put more effort into that.

ITR4267d ago

The only issue I had with RS was the zooming in issue.
It should've only been a button press or a d-pad press instead of a button press with a forward motion.

GameJunkieJim4266d ago

I'm actually looking forward to this. I had no interest before, but it looks like it could just be amazing if the controls work right.